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I’m thrilled to announce my brand new niece and nephew were born this morning! Welcome to Earth, Charlotte Catherine and Cameron Gordon Robert Martin.


The little ones were both weighed in at 4.6 lbs each and made it to 35 weeks of pregnancy! (Full term for twins is 37 weeks, but they rarely go that long.)

Here’s Charlotte:


And Cameron:


And my sister, Jenn – a total rock star at having babies – who looks beautiful and amazing after expelling two people from her body. (I don’t know how she did it! I looked like a zombie.)

imageOne of my favourite things is that Cameron has blonde hair and Charlotte has red hair – they are like little tiny versions of their big brother and sister. Everyone wins!

Congratulations to the Martin family!

40 Weeks In and Out

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Although I lost count of how many weeks old Henry was months ago, I just realized he is 40 weeks old. That means he’s been out of my belly for as long as he was inside! I can’t tell which period of time has gone by faster, but I think it’s probably the time that he’s been in my arms :)

A lot can happen in 40 weeks! 

9 Months with Henry

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As of Saturday, Henry is 3/4 of a year old! Here’s what’s new.

In the last month, Henry has mastered not only sitting, but pushing himself up into a sitting position from hands and knees. He practiced this in his crib for hours while he was supposed to be napping. This has led to some pretty hilarious moments where he’s fallen asleep sitting up, not once…


…But twice.


He’s even starting to pull himself up to stand, so we had to drop the crib down one step.


And thanks to our trip to Canada this month, he had lots of practice to crawl with more space available so now he’s speeding around our apartment! He now likes to laugh at us when he goes places he knows we don’t want him to be. (Any suggestions for good free standing baby gates or nice storage ottomans would be appreciated, by the way ;)


His interest in food seems to come and go. While we were in Canada, he ate the most food he ever has before. I’m sure the added sugar in the jars had something to do with that, but I now use rice crackers as “appetizers”. Literally. He loves to munch on them and then I’ll sneak purees in his mouth while it’s open. I think it’s time for more interesting solid things though, as scary as that is, because this week he hates food. Eeep.


Speaking of food, we met with an Allergist a few weeks ago who confirmed he is allergic to peanuts and walnuts. For now, both of us are avoiding all nuts (since I’m nursing still) and we’ll test him again in a year to see if anything’s changed. The doctor thinks that if I avoid nuts too, his system might have a chance to repair if it doesn’t have to deal with any of the remnants of nuts getting through. Fingers crossed!


Teething continues! The first of his four front top teeth that are so close to coming in is making a slight appearance after some very rough nights last month.


The baby is definitely on his way to becoming a little boy more and more every day!

Grandma’s 80th Birthday Party

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This year, my Grandma is turning 80! My parents were generous enough to offer their beautiful home as a venue for all my family to get together for a giant party to celebrate her. Nick, Henry, and I were so happy to be able to come too!


We arrived Wednesday evening and despite a rocky start with sleep, Henry had THE BEST TIME.


He loved being outdoors, seeing too many trees to even try to touch them all, the river, boat rides, and having so much room to crawl.


And of course he loved spending so much time with family.


We spent 4 days at the cottage and 1 day in Oshawa with my sister. Unfortunately, we had no time to get to Toronto to see friends, but I was so happy to have a visit from my friend Sara! (Also pictured: my cousin’s cute and friendly son, Kieran.)


Sara and I have been friends for over 10 years, but she moved to Scotland about 6 years ago and got married last year. She was in town visiting her parents with her husband, David, and friend, Hana. It was so great to catch up and enjoy her new Canadian-Scottish accent ;)


Later that evening, we had a campfire, complete with Grandpa selfies.


The next day, Henry had his first ride on my parents’ pontoon boat. I didn’t think I’d be able to put his robot costume-sized infant life jacket on him without a fight, but he didn’t care – SO MANY TREES!!!! For the rest of the day, all he wanted was to go down by the river and look at everything. He is already more outdoorsy than his parents.


Soon, more babies arrived! New parents Jeremy and Gioia brought an adorable 3 month old Dante.


Henry continued to love life, chowing down on PC baby food (added sugar! woooo!) and yelling to join the dinner conversation.


We had dinner at the longest table, sitting about 32 people. We enjoyed heartfelt tributes to my Grandma by my mom, aunt, and uncle. Tears were shed!


Then the cupcakes came out. Of course, the great-grandchildren that knew how to blow out candles lent a helping hand.


It was a really great weekend, filled with family. Unfortunately, we were missing the Martin family – my sister is too pregnant to travel that far away from her hospital. Twins come quickly!


So on Sunday morning, we packed up and said our goodbyes so we could say hello to Jenn and her family. And one great big HELLO to that BELLY!


I don’t know how she is doing it, but she looks absolutely fantastic and is still up and moving!

Henry is just about old enough to actually play with his cousins. It’s a pretty heartwarming sight. Of course, he is still a baby so at one point Jillian declared “I’m bored of Henry now.” I’m both looking forward to and dreading that honesty once Henry can talk. haha.


What a great trip. I wish it was longer, but we were very happy to get home yesterday. Happy birthday to my Grandma and lots of love to my whole family!

Happy anniversary!

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Making people gag with our sugar-sweet marriage for 4 years now. I love you with all my everything, Nick.

Playground Manners (For Parents)

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Ever since the nice weather began, Henry and I have been spending a lot of time outside. We have a nice little routine going where we hit the most popular playground in the neighbourhood at least once a day, between nap times. This playground seems like the place to be – both for meeting other babies as well as other parents. When I realize Hank hasn’t seen another baby in a while, I decide it’s time to go have some time on the swings so he can check out some cute boy or girl his own size.

It’s also great for me to get out and socialize with like-minded people since my only departure from taking care of Henry is a 10 hours a week in which I have a babysitter, but still work at home. And when I use the term “like-minded”, it really only applies to the parenthood portion of our lives, which when you have a baby, is about 90% of the present life pie chart.

These encounters with other parents (or sitters/nannies) always start the same way:

“Awww, he/she is a cutie! How old is he/she? What’s his/her name?”

From there, it takes off into a conversation of comparisons and contrasts. Are they teething? What foods are they eating? Do they sleep through the night? Are they walking or crawling? And before long, you find yourself telling a stranger about your birthing experience or listening to a woman who loves the convenience of breast feeding, but her boobs are just too huge now. The best part: “Oh, by the way, I’m Christina. What’s your name?”

I laugh every time it happens, while reminding myself to make sure I introduce myself before either of us unload what would be TMI for a childless person. Luckily, I have met a few cool people there and everyone seems very friendly and ready to talk about what’s going on in their personal parenting life.

Does this happen to anyone else, or is it solely a New York/big city thing?

8 Months with Henry

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Henry is 8 months old today! Here’s what’s been happening.


Nick’s first Father’s Day was a blast (way more relaxing than my first Mother’s Day ;) and Henry’s Grandpa Storch came to visit. Even though he hasn’t been here since the winter, Henry took to him immediately.


Our beloved babysitter found a great full-time job for another family so she won’t be with us regularly anymore, but we will still find some weekend days and evenings for her to spend time with him. He was great at helping us interview new women for the position this weekend though!

Although meal time is still very messy, Henry is slowly getting better at it and gaining a bigger appetite. However, he pretty much demands that you read him stories nonstop while feeding him. He has a good repertoire of fruits and vegetables he eats regularly, plus multigrain cereal. This week, he’s trying tofu!


Speaking of eating, after my parents visited us last month and we took him out to eat with them a few times, we decided to have a family brunch every Saturday. Henry just loves eating out so much! We’ve sat at the first table at Brooklyn Label a few times and he gets to watch everyone come in, make eyes at ladies’ waiting in line for take out coffee, and bang on the table while eating his lunch. What a great time.


Henry is really becoming quite the little person. He will now let you know if he’s unhappy that you took something away from him, responds to the phrase “do you want to read a book?” with shrieks that we take to mean “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, YES!!!”. He has all kinds of noises he loves to make from saying “mom” to screaming like Ned Flanders to get our attention.


Seriously though, he loves reading THIS MUCH.


We’ve been spending our summer days at the playground and the park. Yesterday Henry discovered the splash pad and lost his mind. The swing is a dependable favourite where he usually gets to meet another baby or toddler who will sit beside him, which makes me feel better about him being an only child not in daycare. I feel lucky to live in a big city where people are out doing things and walking around constantly so having him meet at least one other baby a day is a pretty reasonable goal.


I think crawling will be happening any day now, but I’m enjoying my non-mobile son while I still can ;)


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