Hello, NYC

June 2, 2009 § Leave a comment

After an exhausting month of May, I am actually here. I am actually living in Brooklyn, NY. I no longer have an apartment in Toronto; the place I shared with Angela for the past 2.5 years is no longer ours, and I am in a brand new, nearly empty apartment with Nick. I am so relieved to have wrapped up everything that was going on in my life in Toronto enough to be able to come here and start clean, but it’s also a total trip. While I was getting so many things ready, making to do lists left right and centre, and finishing up my job by training a new full-time receptionist, I couldn’t shake the weird feeling that I was undoing the life I had been building for seven years. I know it’s not really the case because the only things that are really gone are my job (and I’m still hanging on by a thread in my Web Manager position, no pun intended) and my apartment, both things that could have been improved on anyways.

I have relocated enough in my life to know that things are the hardest right after you move somewhere and have to leave things behind, but I also know that moving to a new city provides a clean slate like nothing else. I’m also so happy to finally be able to see Nick everyday. When I was on my way to our new apartment from the airport on Saturday, we blackberry messaged each other my whole cab ride as I was getting closer and we were both getting more excited. I was lucky enough to not only be greeted with his huge smile, but also a bouquet of roses and a 6-pack of beer. I love him.

Expect more updates from now on!


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