Hardcore shows and old Canadian pals

June 22, 2009 § 4 Comments

I spent the last two nights with my friend Shannon, whom I’ve known for over a decade, but we were never tier one friends back then, just good acquaintances who sat together in Psychology. Since our lives are running frighteningly parallel [brief explanation: Shannon & I went to high school together in Winnipeg, she met a guy from Queens years ago, moved to NYC and married him about 3 years ago, and now she’s the one giving me immigration advice over beers that we both truly appreciate because both of our men are straight-edge AND knew each other from working with various bands] we’ve begun spending more and more time together.

Last night she took me to see H20 at the Knitting Factory. I’ve never been into hardcore, but I was down to hang. We caught the end of the show where H20 and Madball performed together for their supergroup of sorts “Hazen Street”. They were actually really good! After the show, we gave the bassist, Hoya, a ride home. This HUGE, tough, hardcore guy showed me photos of his 10 month old son all the way to Brooklyn. I also met the singer, Freddie and his girlfriend Lisa, and it turns out they live 4 blocks away from me.

All I knew about Madball before last night was that they were a hardcore band that all the toughest people I knew loved and I once designed an admat for them [shown above].

And so my new New York life continues to develop.

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