In Brooklyn, we go hard

July 9, 2009 § 2 Comments

I’ve been taking notice of the major differences between Americans and Canadians for the past couple years now, but let’s get more specific. Now that I’ve been in New York for just over a month, I think I’m ready to share my personal Top 5 observations of why Brooklynites specifically are such fascinating creatures.

5. Erratic sidewalk behavior. As an aggressive, by-the-book walker, I get quite annoyed when people I share the sidewalk with don’t follow the simple rules of walking. Mainly, the walking on the right side and don’t walk 3+ people in a tandem style rules. They aren’t hard and they make everything so much easier. I thought they invented these rules with their massive population, but apparently New Yorkers have no idea. In Brooklyn, they’re everywhere, scattered across the sidewalks, stopping to wave to their 89 year old BFF across the street or wandering in a diagonal path. The worst is when it’s raining and we’re all carrying umbrellas. Someone’s going to lose an eye on Manhattan Ave. and it ain’t gonna be me.

4. Cat-calls. If I’m going for a walk alone (which is 90% of the time), it doesn’t matter what I look like, some kind of remark is waiting for me. My favorite ones so far are “SHE would make a good cheerleader”, “Oooh – you look like Christina Aguilera!”, and of course the classic “How YOU doin’?”

3. The accent! Whether they’re talking about baseball, pizza, or laundry detergent, I could listen to two true Brooklynites have a conversation for an hour.

2. Excessive loitering. Since very few Brooklynites have an outdoor space to call their own, they use public space as a makeshift backyard. Whether it’s bringing lawnchairs from home to sit in front of a laundromat on a major street or hauling a BBQ to a park to grill up a Sunday dinner, they have no qualms, as tax-paying citizens, about temporarily claiming their portion of the city.

1. A remarkable lack of shyness. New Yorkers are the most honest and uninhibited people I’ve ever encountered. Imagine combining Canada’s notorious friendliness and hospitality with New York’s out-goingness? We’d create a race of superhumans.


§ 2 Responses to In Brooklyn, we go hard

  • Pickle Freak says:

    re: walking-
    we are human traffic, so walk like it! I want to scream every time someone in front of me suddenly stops and starts walking in the opposite direction. If you did that as a driver of a vehicle you would surely be dead along with several innocent victims. Walk with purpose people.

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