The black Totes umbrella

August 19, 2009 § 1 Comment

I haven’t paid for an umbrella in years. I worked at East Side Marios as a hostess when I first moved to Toronto about 8 years ago and would always take the ones that people had left behind. I had a collection of 3 or 4 umbrellas that I’d rotate on rainy days, but there was one umbrella in particular, that lasted forever. A black Totes umbrella with a wood handle. I always managed to keep track of where it was, even if a roommate or boyfriend would borrow it. Sometimes I’d forget it at work, one time Angela left it at a friend’s house, but it would always find its way back to me.

About a year ago, it started developing this stink that I gather was from getting wet and drying too many times. I no longer really wanted to touch the actual fabric or keep it in a purse because I figure it was gathering some kind of invisible umbrella mold. Still, I moved it to New York with me in May.

Here in the city of perpetual surprise downpours, we had a large collection of very large umbrellas. My trusty black Totes umbrella was the only one of managable size and Nick and I started to passively fight over it – whoever left the apartment first on a rainy day would have their choice of the big umbrellas vs the one regular-sized Totes umbrella. Nick wasn’t too sneaky about it though, he’d ask if he could use mine since he had farther to go and I’d agree. It was all fine until the day that he left my umbrella – the black Totes umbrella I’ve kept track of for 8 years – on GYM CLASS HEROES’ TOUR BUS. I have to say, I was actually quite upset at first. I wouldn’t normally be upset about the loss of an extremely-replacable inanimate object, but I had this thing for EIGHT YEARS! What makes me feel better though, is the thought that maybe the band is using my umbrella when they have to leave the bus on a rainy day and it’s getting to travel even more, all across the USA.

Godspeed, black Totes umbrella.

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