Learning lessons

October 28, 2009 § 2 Comments

October 2009 has been a remarkable month. Not necessarily in a good way, but it hasn’t been all bad either. Sure, I have been tethered to my home country since the end of September, but I’ve got to spend a huge quantity of bonus time with my family and I was able to be here when my new niece, Jillian, was born. I have been learning more about immigration rules for the USA, I’ve been practicing an almost yoga-like patience for paperwork and red tape, I changed my first poo-crammed diaper, and I got my first bout of tonsillitis ever.

What started out as a sinus infection, complete with day-long headaches, fevers, chills, and aches, seemed to start to go away after a week and a half and came back with a raging sore throat and inability to swallow. I visited the walk-in clinic for the second time in two weeks (thank goodness I was in Canada!) and had a record-breakingly quick appointment with the doctor in which she looked at my throat, exclaimed “you have tonsillitis!!!” wrote me a prescription and showed me out.

It’s five days later and my throat feels much better, I no longer sweat in the morning while I try to drink tea, or have knees that hurt too much to let me climb stairs, but I do however still have a bunch of goop that seems to be stuck somewhere between my throat and my nose, making me talk like McLovin.

A few people had told me about the neti pot when I’d tell them about the goop. I had never written it off, just kind of kept it as a final option. Then yesterday, tired of waking up with a mouth that felt like an atomic bomb went off from sleeping with my mouth open all night, I looked up an instructional video on youtube. I was inspired. Pssshh – I could do that! I got the neti pot my dad claims to use on his sinus monsters and headed up to the bathroom for my new adventure in nose irrigation.

For those of you who have never done this before, let me tell you how weird it is. The idea is that you mix water and salt together in this teapot/genie lamp contraption, then pour it into one nostril and tilt your head. Oh, also you try not to choke on the water and still breathe through your mouth. The water you pour in your nostril comes out the other side! Or at least it’s supposed to – my one nostril was so plugged up that I could only get it to dribble out of one side – but when it did, I was pretty impressed with myself! It does seem to be working though and I’m going to keep water my nose mucus away until I can fully breathe again!

I make a pretty amazingly bad face while I’m doing this, but I do aspire to get to the point where I can be a neti pot model.

What a story!

October 22, 2009 § 1 Comment

When this is all over, when Nick and I are married and officially bound together forever and finish doing everything as by-the-book as we possibly can to appease the unstoppable force that is the American government, I will write a book about our incredulous story, maybe even a screenplay. Not only because it is an amazing story involving two apparently INCREDIBLY stubborn people who can’t date within their own country, but also because it’s sure to be a best-seller and help us pay off our legal bills. For now, the saga continues.

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