The long road to get there: FAQ

January 14, 2010 § 4 Comments

Many of my friends and family are curious about my current status as a lady engaged to an American boy. They ask lots of questions and make me a little crazy and overwhelmed. I would like to answer all their questions, but unfortunately, I just don’t have the patience during this trying time. That’s why, fresh off the phone with my immigration lawyer, I’ve made up an FAQ for their inquisitive minds.

1. How long will you be in Canada?

No one can answer this question completely accurately. I am currently waiting for my Fiancee petition to be done, so that I can apply for the actual visa. The petition should be done mid-March. After that, it’s a matter of waiting for an available appointment at the American consulate in Montreal to open up so I can apply for my visa that way. I also need to have a physical done and maybe get jabbed by some needles to get my vaccinations up to date. (It’s like Nick is adopting a pet from the shelter that is the North!) From March, it could be up to another four months (but hopefully less) until I’m ready to enter the US and allowed to get married.

2. Why don’t you just get married anyway?

Since I’ve already been stopped by the American border as a Canadian intending to change status, they’re on to me. If we get married in Canada, that makes everything we’ve applied for and all the time we’ve already patiently waited useless since we’ve applied for an Engagement Visa, which is to be used to enter the States once and get married there within 90 days of entering.

3. Can you go back to visit while you wait?

I can, but only through a certain border, after attending an appointment made by my lawyer. My first visit back was in November, and was only the duration of the month. They stamped my passport saying I could not change status while I was in the States. I will be going back again for a longer visit, either in mid-February or March. Hopefully then I will stay until my appointment with the consulate in Montreal is ready.

4. What are you doing to keep busy while away from the love of your life and how is living with your parents?

Living with my parents right now is actually awesome. They have been unbelievably supportive and I couldn’t have asked for a cooler mom & dad. I get to enjoy my mom’s cooking, their laundry and dishwasher, I don’t pay any rent or bills, and I get to watch Canadian TV. My sister, Jenn, comes over with her kids almost every day and they’re great too. I also still work as a Web Consultant for my old office, blog, take photos, read, practice yoga, visit Toronto almost weekly, and may have a new news writing job in the works.

[my lawyer, Howard, hard at work]

I hope this has satisfied your curious little minds. Next time you see me, how about giving me a hug or a high five and just appreciate my being around while I am around instead of asking how long I’m going to be here. I love you guys and know you mean well, but it’s hard on my stressed little brain and I’m doing my best to keep from breaking out in hives a third time.


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§ 4 Responses to The long road to get there: FAQ

  • Deb DeClark says:

    Christina, I feel like you wrote this for me! Thank you; and you can consider your Aunt Deb to be informed and I promise no more questions next time I see you, except maybe “How are you?”

    I’m sure your Mom & Dad are enjoying the bonus of your company for the time being; just as I am glad to have Kevin at home! XO Deb

  • Jenn says:

    I am so thankful to have my bestest friend and sister here with me and the kids – I love you soooooo much and am just enjoying every day you get to spend with us here! But…am also excited for you and Nick to start your lives together! LOVE YOU!!!!

  • shmee says:


  • […] my 12 weeks of being a mom, I’ve only ever experienced this much patience-testing when I was waiting for my visa to come to the […]

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