Artist: Josh Keyes

February 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

I had 2 hours to spend before I met up with my ladies for dinner last night, so I headed to my favourite time-wasting spot in Toronto, Chapters at John & Richmond Streets. I snagged a chair by the window upstairs and paged through the new issue of Juxtapoz. This month’s interview with artist Josh Keyes really stood out and intrigued me.

I accidentally attended his show at the Joshua Liner Gallery in New York in 2008 – I was actually there to see Jeremy Fish’s exhibit, but seeing his work on the other side of the gallery was a pleasant surprise – and was moved by his innocent, nature-inspired paintings that focus on the absence of humans, while hinting that they are always lurking close by and have greatly influenced almost every part of the face of the earth.

The interview I’m referring to isn’t online yet (I guess Juxtapoz would prefer you actually buy the magazine or at least read it in a store like me), but there’s another one here that gives you a feel for his constantly vulnerable state of mind. He is surely a person who just can’t help but feel everything around him all the time and is far too empathetic for his own well-being. In the interview, he mentions his wife four or five times, incredibly lovingly, and insists that she is represented by the eagle in his paintings as she is the one who regularly lifts him out of his depression and that being lifted from his depression is extremely painful, hence the emphasis on the creature’s talons.

Check out more of his work at


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