Oh, Valentine’s.

February 14, 2010 § 4 Comments

I never cared much for Valentine’s Day, in fact, the first couple relationships I had ended shortly before this Hallmark holiday so I had a pretty bad couple of first impressions. Now that I have Nick, things are different, but only in the way that I look forward to spending the day together, not in the way that I expect a big to-do about the whole thing. It’s nice to know you have someone special if you’re going to be bombarded with Valentine’s commercials and sales and it’s especially lovely that we sorted it out so he came up to visit this weekend so the two of us didn’t feel alone together on this potentially trying day.

Nick and I will have been together for three years this May, this means we’ve had three Valentine’s together so far. Let’s review:

Thurs. February 14, 2008
Since it was a Thursday, we weren’t together for our first international day of romance. I believe he came to visit the next night, but I do remember that he sent roses to my office and I got to be that girl all the single ladies were jealous of for a day.

Sat. February 14, 2009
I flew to New York for the weekend. The night before, the “Friday the 13th” remake came out in theatres and we thought it would be fun to go on a double date with Courtney and Jesse to see it. We went to a theatre in Times Square. Bad idea. It was the worst movie-going experience any of us ever had. The guys in the row behind us were drunk, still drinking, kicking our seats, and yelling things like “yo, you’re a track star!” at the screen literally every 60 seconds. We had fun in the back of the cab on the way home to make up for the horrible night. The next day, we went to Peter Luger’s for burgers, bacon, and cheesecake, then went shopping to work off the food.

Sun. February 14, 2010
Nick flew to Toronto Thursday night. We spent one night in a hotel room and came back to the suburbs the following afternoon. Had dinner with my parents, sister, and her kids on Friday night and watched my dad’s band play at a bar in Bowmanville. Spent Saturday alone, cuddling, relaxing, drinking tea, and watched The Hurt Locker. Not the ideal romantic movie, but a quality film nonetheless. I romanced him with my breakfast wraps this morning and now he’s on his way back to NYC. Oh, did I mention I got in a funny creative mood and made him a “valentine” out of the photo booth picture above and glitter?

Last year we decided on Peter Luger’s as our V-Day tradition. I hope to rekindle that one next year!

I just made myself really hungry.

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