Status: Scavenger Hunt Mode

February 19, 2010 § 5 Comments

Since I received the letter we’d been waiting for from the American Consulate yesterday, I’ve been in what I call “Scavenger Hunt Mode”. This has happened a few times during my exile, usually after I’ve spent a month waiting patiently for any news or progress, then I get some news that there is something I need to have, do, or prove I have done and I spring into action! Right now, I am eagerly pursuing my inoculation records as the papers (which I view as my latest instructions on how to get into the super secret club of those with Engagement Visas to America) list 17 (SEVENTEEN!!!) vaccinations I need to prove I’ve had, or get them again.

I’ve lived in many cities in my life and so I had to call three different regions’ health care info lines. They have now all gotten back to me, but apparently none of them have ever heard of me except for Winnipeg. (Further proof Winnipeg really is my hometown.) The nice lady says she will fax my records to me next week.

Later this afternoon, I decided to call the place I need to receive my visa-approved medical exam and the person I spoke to really cleared things up for me: I’m over the age of 18 so I don’t need to have all of those shots! The important ones are rubella, measles, mumps, and tetanus. PHEWF! This medical exam sounds pretty intense, but I’m happy to do it in order to move on and get one step closer to marrying the love of my life (that’s him, pictured above!) Oh, and being tested for various diseases like syphilis also sounds like a great time!

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