Lazy, shy, or just practical?

February 22, 2010 § 2 Comments

As much as I am excited for my friends to get married so I can party with them at their grandiose wedding receptions, I have never really seen myself having a huge wedding. Not only do I rarely enjoy being the centre of attention, but in mine & Nick’s situation a big traditional wedding is just not possible, since we are required to be wed 90 days after I enter the States with my engagement visa and I won’t know when I’m going to get the visa until after I have my interview, etc. This is just fine with us since we were going to get married at NYC City Hall in October anyway, but with all my friends & family who are engaged right now making a big to-do about their wedding plans, it makes me question myself, just a little bit. Am I crazy for not demanding a fancy, expensive wedding where I can be the star of the show and get tons of gifts?

After considering the alternative for just a few seconds, I always come to the same conclusion: Nick and I have been through it all at this point and we just want to be married. It’s not about the party, the gifts, the big show; it’s only about us being together. I will need to have my parents and brother & sister there when it happens and of course I’ll require a top-notch photographer! I’ve also already got my version of a wedding dress that I absolutely adore and can’t wait to wear. Nick & I wanted to have a Canadian reception if we had gotten married in October, but that’s too far in the future for me to consider again. Let’s just get me back into the same country as my fiancé first.

I started reading East Side Bride today and she cracks me up. I love her blunt replies to stressed out brides-to-be and it’s good to know I’m not alone with the ideas of non-traditional weddings!

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[beautiful bouquet photo from An Apple A Day]

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