I’m really a very nice person.

February 25, 2010 § 2 Comments

No, this isn’t my mugshot. It’s a comparison of how I used to take nice, pleasant passport photos and now I can’t seem to make myself look very friendly whatsoever in them.

The “happy” photo is my current passport. The photo was taken early September 2008, after returning from a week at the beach in North Carolina with Nick and his friends. I got back to Toronto Labour Day weekend and still had a day off before returning to work. I was tanned and relaxed and happy.

The “impatient” photo was taken today, after I walked through the parking lot in Whitby with snow blowing in my face, thinking about how I was supposed to go back to NYC for another “visit” tomorrow, but I’m still here, trying to get as much done for my visa as I can before I return. My visa photo looks similar to the one above, but I look even scarier because I’m wearing eyeliner. Maybe I’m subconsciously taking photos where I’m scowling at the camera to show the government officials I am not pleased with what I have to go through to be with Nick. Despite the frowns, please remember, American government, I love you and will probably end up hugging any official who’s close by when I get notice of my visa being approved.

So readers, can you see a difference? Which girl would you like to go out for ice cream with more?

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