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March 30, 2010 § 4 Comments

It turns out the easiest resolution to keep that I made for the new year is the “must read 10 new books” goal. This is not surprising as 1) I love to read and 2) I have been stuck in Canada without a real job for months now. Having all this time to read is most definitely an upside to my situation.

The five books I’ve completed so far are:

Tracy Morgan “I am the New Black”

Nick bought me this for Christmas because he knew it’d be funny and I love 30 Rock. It’s a pretty light and quick read as it’s basically Tracy telling us all his life story, with a very good editor to prevent any “You know – that guy – the actor… Jack Human!” moments. I loved finding out that most of the plot involving Tracy on 30 Rock was non fiction.

Kurt Vonnegut “Breakfast of Champions”

I don’t know why it took me so long to get into Kurt Vonnegut! Nick and I have attempted to read novels together while we’re apart before and none have ever worked out as well as this did. It provided a lot of discussions without getting too heavy or philosophical; we’d end up giggling about certain parts on the phone later that night after reading a chapter. I love Vonnegut’s humour and his view on humankind. Must read more Vonnegut!

Junot Diaz “The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao”

Once you get through the first chapter, and realize you don’t need to know Spanish to understand the book, it’s great. The character development and the dynamic of the family is amazing. I also appreciated the jumps from narrating character to character and back and forth in time with a fairly smooth transition.

Don Delillo “White Noise”

My least favourite book so far this year. It’s deemed a Penguin classic, but I’m not sure why. It aims to look deep into the fears and frailties of people, but doesn’t quite make it. It also boasts a disaster story, but that portion of the book is only a few chapters long.

Jonathan Lethem “Motherless Brooklyn”

My favourite book of the year so far! I originally picked up because it had Brooklyn in the title, but it exceeded my expectations of simply an imaginary visit to that city I presently miss – it was a great story. The protagonist is a mediocre detective at a crooked detective agency masquerading as a car service who has Tourette’s syndrome and is trying to solve the murder of his boss and mentor. You come to care deeply about Lionel Essrog and root for that weirdo until the very end. I could easily see this becoming a movie. Also, it makes me want to read old detective novels and watch Bored To Death.

What’s the best book you’ve read lately?

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