Goodbye for now, Canada

April 11, 2010 § 1 Comment

I wasn’t going to post anything about going back to New York tomorrow in fear of jinxing myself and the border finding some reason to refuse me, but this photo is just too good, I had to use it for something and this seems perfect!

Here’s a short explanation of what’s happening for all of you confused followers of my immigration woes. I am going to drive to Niagara Falls tomorrow, where I will need to get out of the car and meet with an immigration officer who knows my case and has spoken to my lawyer, and I will promise them I will indeed return to Canada and not disappear into America, never to be seen again. I will then fly to NYC out of Buffalo. I will be there for approximately 5 weeks, then Nick and I will fly to Montreal together for my visa interview at the end of May. I will cart my chest x-rays, medical history, police record (a very boring one), long form birth certificate, etc. to the American Consulate and present it all to them nicely and they will hopefully tell me “Come on in!” but of course, it won’t be instantaneous, I will have to leave my passport with them, they will go through some bureaucratic stuff, insert my K1 visa into my passport, and mail it back to me (with my own prepaid self-addressed envelope, of course).

So there you have it! Please cross your fingers that I will receive less harassment and feel less like a criminal than I did in November when I went on this journey. See you in a couple weeks, Steve & Chad!

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