5 weeks in Greenpoint!

April 14, 2010 § 1 Comment

I’m back in Brooklyn! My long travel day on Monday wasn’t as long as I expected it to be and my border crossing went about 15,000 times more smoothly than it did in November. My super duper parents came along for the adventure again and were wonderful company, as always. Everything went so smoothly, that I was able to catch an earlier flight out of Buffalo, even after stopping for lunch! I came home to the apartment I hadn’t seen in 4.5 months, sparkling clean, and Nick came home early from work so we could get dinner together.

This week is all about getting used to being back. It’s a pretty big culture shock going from Whitby to New York. My immediate observations include: everything seems so close! I love walking! I can do yoga at a studio again! I forgot how comfy my bed is, especially when my fiance is in it! The trees here are blooming and they’re tickling my nose!

So what will I be up to for the next five weeks besides basking in the glory of a metropolis? Well I’m going to become a “yogi”, which is basically a volunteer worker at a yoga studio, working for karma and free yoga classes. I’ve also been invited to become a contributer for the Greenpointers blog, the (nearly) official website for my neighborhood. Check out my introduction and first post here!

I also need to buy a new lens for my D80 and need some help from any photographer friends who want to come shopping. I hate buying expensive electronics, but love guidance! ;)



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