Meet your new favourite live band

April 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

I had the good fortune of seeing Foxy Shazam for the fourth time on Monday night at Sneaky Dees. This band gives each performance their “all” like no other band I’ve ever seen! Although the sight lines of the venue sucked for a band that you want to be able to see, the show was great. The kids loved it, jumped up and down, sang along, and even tried to mosh. I thought the floor was going to cave in and I was going to land in someone’s half-congealed nachos below me. After the show, a couple of the guys in the band told me in concerned-but-pleased voices that they suspect some of these kids may have downloaded their new album illegally, as they knew all the words to the new songs that aren’t released until the 13th.

Amazing night and electrifying show and now I have plans to see the Lion King on a double date with the lead singer, Eric, his wife, and my fiance. Life ain’t bad.

Good news for Torontonians; those with glasses

April 7, 2010 § 2 Comments

My favorite store, Uniqlo, is finally coming to Canada! This will not only put an end to friends trying to place “Uniqlo orders” for me to bring back to them when I visit, but also, sadly, my reasoning that they should just come visit me in New York and we’ll go shopping. All in all, I’m thrilled for fashion-conscious Torontonians on a budget, whose lives are about to get a heck of a lot better when it comes to buying jeans and other basics.

EDIT: I’ve been trying to find more information on Uniqlo’s Canadian arrival, and it seems everyone’s a little confused. Is this a countdown clock or is Uniqlo just telling me what city I’m in? Either way, I still have high hopes for the chain coming to Toronto.

In other news, this is an amazing idea. I don’t know if those of you with good eyesight understand how hard it is for those of us with glasses to take the time to dig through our purses (or pockets) to find that little cleaning cloth they give you when you get your spectacles each time you get some dust or finger prints on your lenses. Sometimes, you’re far too lazy for that plus, you don’t always feel like looking dorky. This shirt has a subtle built-in cleaning cloth that just adds some asymmetrical pizzazz to your dress shirt. I’d love to see the women’s version!

Mom, this is how twitter works (by Jessica Hische)

April 6, 2010 § 2 Comments

I love this “Mom, this is how twitter works” image by artist Jessica Hische. It continues on my previous thoughts on how to properly use the social networking site.

Wedding Photos

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As my Canadian exile and immigration issues are drawing to a close, I get to start planning mine & Nick’s future in New York again. First stop, wedding photos!

Even though we are getting married at NYC City Hall and will have just a few family members there, we still want to get some nice photos of the event. I’ve been gawking over beautiful photos by Max Wanger, Heather Waraksa, Heather MacEachern, and Elizabeth Kowal and have decided on my friend Jesse Brown to document the day. I can’t wait to have some photos of Nick and I that aren’t us in the middle of eating dinner, as taken by my dad, or  my self-portrait-style photos of us squished together.

Who’s your dream wedding photographer?


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Watch this NOW! Eddie Murphy’s “Delirious” ice cream bit

I hope you’re all scarfing down ice cream today while you enjoy this unseasonably beautiful weather. I myself have already eaten two Dairy Queen ice cream sandwiches and am practically salivating at the thought of Mr. Softee trucks in Brooklyn this Summer – vanilla soft serve with chocolate sprinkles? Yes please!

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