It’s Complicated’s kitchen

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I finally got around to seeing It’s Complicated the other night with my mom, and although the movie was great, what really stood out to me was Meryl Streep’s character’s amazing California ranch house and even more drool-worthy kitchen! It should be featured on Design*Sponge, for heaven’s sake! With it’s modern farm feel, housing many cooking supplies, fresh fruit, flowers, stainless steel, and natural wood, any interior design appreciator will just want to crawl inside their TV set and spend hours there.

Apparently my eye was not the only one caught by this beautiful set decor (by Beth Rubino) as there are a number of Google-able sites to tell you how to recreate the look. More here.

P.S. this must be mentioned: a recurring discussion in the movie is about constructing a new kitchen for herself, the “dream kitchen” she’s always wanted. I propose a sequel just so we can see how this kitchen is going to be better.

Hyperactivity Typography

May 29, 2010 § 2 Comments

Just after coming across this beautifully designed font book by Norwegian student collective Studio 3, I found out the first print run of Hyperactivity Typography is sold out! Hopefully they print more so that I won’t be able to help but buy one when I most certainly stumble upon one in New York. Until then, I highly recommend you font nerds preview the book here.

[Via Uppercase]

Who needs a wedding planner when you’ve got the internet?

May 27, 2010 § 1 Comment

Now that Nick and I have the official ‘go ahead’ from the American government to get married, I’ve been scouring alternative wedding blogs like The Unbride, Brooklyn Bride, The Knot, and Once Wed for last minute ideas. Here are some of my favorite things I’ve found through these sites.

This engagement shoot by Christine Chang is so funny and adorable. When the couple was asked what sort of things they like to do together, they just said “We don’t do much, all we do is eat and do laundry” and that’s how this original, but somehow still romantic shoot came to be. See more photos here.

I LOVE this. I want to steal it and put mine & Nick’s story on it, even though it would probably be a hell of a lot longer, with many more arrows.

This pretty bride threw a yellow cardigan on top of her Oscar De La Renta wedding dress! This makes me want to go out and buy a bright sweater to have for my little Betsey Johnson number incase it gets chilly that day. See more photos from this Virginia farm wedding here.

Some of my favorites

May 25, 2010 § 2 Comments

For those of you who don’t know, Joanna Goddard and Max Wanger are some of my favorite online personalities. Joanna runs the blog A Cup Of Jo and Max Wanger is my dream wedding photographer, who I’m sure I’ve already mentioned a number of times on this blog.

In the last few days, they’ve both posted things I just can’t keep quiet about! At the risk of being redundant if you already read their sites as well, I want to feature some of their ingenuity here.

Joanna Goddard posted today about a dinner party she was invited to that was featured in Martha Stewart Living. The other guests included creative types like Saipua’s Sarah and the whole event was hosted and curated by photographer Karen Mordechai. See photos and read the whole story here.

Max Wanger, wedding photographer extraordinaire, got hitched himself recently! I’m sure at this point, he’s seen it all, so it shouldn’t surprise you that he went all out for his photos. Although he’s yet to reveal pictures of his ceremony, he posted his “Smile Booth” photos here, which consists of all types of friends, family, and children posing in colourful photos with props, looking like they’re having the time of their lives.

To see Joanna’s engagement photos, shot my Max, click here. They are some of the best photos of a couple I’ve ever seen.

Best day ever.

May 20, 2010 § 12 Comments

[Nick and some colourful fountains last night, downtown Montreal]

As I flew to Toronto from Montreal this afternoon, I was fighting off tears, thinking about what took place this morning, but these were tears of joy and relief instead of the tears of frustration I’d been dealing with for the last 8 months.

Today was not only mine & Nick’s three year anniversary, but also, coincidentally my visa interview at the American Consulate in Montreal.

We woke up at 6 am at the hotel I purposefully booked 5 minutes away from the consulate. We arrived just after 7 even though my interview was for 8 and there were already about 10 people ahead of us. Nick went to get us tea and muffins, but we barely had time to eat them before security started opening the doors and leading in people to be searched.

The whole process was impressively orderly and organized. We were split into groups and given letters. We were taken upstairs to a high floor where we waited about half an hour before I was called for them to review my documents and take my fingerprints. They charged me a “machine readable visa fee” (AKA a “give us this last bit of money please” fee) and I waited some more. I was then called into a booth to be interviewed by an officer. For the first time in the history of my travels, I was face to face with the nicest immigration officer imaginable. The dude could have been a kindergarten teacher. I told him my fiance was also here and he told me to please go get him so he can be part of this too. He asked us how we met, to which we looked at each other and laughed, then I told the briefest version of the story possible. He asked about the company we both worked for, how often we visited each other, and really not too much else. After about 10 minutes, he declared “Based on the information you’ve given me today and that I have here, I can tell you that you’re approved for this visa.” Nick and I looked at each other like our heads were going to explode out of pure happiness and relief. We thanked him very much and left and Nick planted a big kiss on me as soon as we got into the hallway.

Now here’s the part of the story where you’re gonna think I’m starting to make things up – we take the elevator downstairs to leave and as soon as the door opens, there stands Steve Herman – mine & Nick’s old boss! The very same man who, when I asked him two years ago to be transferred to our New York office, he tells me “I’m sorry, I just can’t do it, it’s too risky. Maybe you guys will work it out and stay together and get married and prove me wrong, I just don’t know!” We were all shocked, but said hi and hugged quickly before he was ushered into the elevator with the next group of wannabe-Americans and can only assume he is thinking back on the same moment.

The whole experience was really great. I’m so glad Nick was there with me and it went so smoothly. We were back at the hotel, eating breakfast at 10:00 and were able to catch early flights home. Now I’m back in Whitby and just spent an afternoon with my wonderful sister and her amazing kids and will probably drink a beer with my Dad when he gets home from work in 20 minutes. I can’t wait to see friends next week and enjoy my last bit of time in Canada for a while.

Best day ever!

It’s almost over! (I hope)

May 19, 2010 § 5 Comments

“…and all these woes shall serve
For sweet discourses in our time to come.”

Our relationship has never been easy. We’ve overcome at least a dozen obstacles since we started dating long distance, which will be three years ago this upcoming weekend. This interview tomorrow will probably be our greatest yet, as it will allow me to actually come to the States with the intention of changing status and we will be able to get married in July. Neither of us has had any stability in about a year and I can’t wait to know that this is the place I will be living long-term and be able to start rebuilding my life. Most of all, I can’t wait to be married to this wonderful man, who all along, even though I knew trying to date an American was crazy, all I could say to explain myself was “I just can’t not do it!”

My Dad is the best

May 18, 2010 § 5 Comments

My visa interview is coming up fast – it’s early Thursday morning in Montreal and although I am feeling more confident and less stressed, I cannot wait for the moment they tell us that I’m approved!

Here’s a sweet email and photo from my rad Dad to mark this occasion.

Hi Christina – you must be getting very anxious/excited etc about your interview this week.

Two things to remember… 1) you have done an incredible job of pulling all the details and process together with the best advice you could get (and that is much more than the average person in this situation does to prepare); and, 2) You deserve to have this over with in the best way possible – I am sure they have already made the decision and are just waiting for your happy face to match to the pictures in their files in order to give it the go-ahead.

Anyway… Try not to sweat it too much. You are a fine person. The USA needs more people like you to help them out. And I think they know that already.

Good luck, and just be who you are… that’s more than enough.

Love Dad

p.s. just to lighten things up a bit I have included my grade 11 yearbook picture… good for a laugh.

Jana & Mike

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Congratulations to my friends Jana and Mike on their engagement! They’re one of the best and funniest couples I know and I wish them all the best <3

An Education

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I finally watched An Education tonight, thanks to Netflix and my uninterested, yet patient, fiance.

It  pretty much delivered exactly what I had expected: an interesting mood, beautiful 60s fashion, and a very cute lead actress to look at for an hour and a half. What I wasn’t necessarily expecting was the lesson. I’ll try to sum up how I’m feeling minutes after watching it without spoiling it for anyone. Basically, I feel even if you are the most clever, obedient, and sensible of teenagers, growing up is hard! Being in love is hard! You do some crazy stuff – some of it works out, some of it doesn’t. You can’t help but make stupid and wrong choices sometimes and really, you end up being a better person after being forced to deal with the outcome, regaining your composure and becoming a stronger person. It’s good to see even for a movie set 50 years ago that the idea was basically the same as it would be as if it were set in present day.

Definitely recommended.

I can’t wait to stop being neurotic

May 13, 2010 § 6 Comments

Today is the one week mark until my visa interview at the US Consulate in Montreal and I’m starting to get nervous. I was doing so well, I have almost every document ready for the interview, getting ready to just look at getting us a nice hotel downtown, but I went to get my visa photos taken today (yes, ANOTHER set!) and started to worry about what would happen if the officer I deal with ends up being in a bad mood (like the one that got me into this mess in the first place) and decides to deny me for some reason like my visa photo isn’t acceptable. It actually states on the visa photo spec sheet they gave me that if the photo is unacceptable, they won’t even conduct your interview. Eeeep!

I’m lucky the funny little lady I had taking my photo was as much of a perfectionist as I am, but I just realized she didn’t stamp the back with the date or anything. I think I’ll take them back to get that done, just incase.

I can’t wait until this time next week when my interview should be over, I should know if I’m approved or not, and am heading back to see my family.

Anyone see anything else wrong with my photo above? I mean, other than the fact that I apparently can’t take a passport or visa photo that is flattering these days. At least I’m not frowning or giving the camera a dirty look this time!

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