My Dad is the best

May 18, 2010 § 5 Comments

My visa interview is coming up fast – it’s early Thursday morning in Montreal and although I am feeling more confident and less stressed, I cannot wait for the moment they tell us that I’m approved!

Here’s a sweet email and photo from my rad Dad to mark this occasion.

Hi Christina – you must be getting very anxious/excited etc about your interview this week.

Two things to remember… 1) you have done an incredible job of pulling all the details and process together with the best advice you could get (and that is much more than the average person in this situation does to prepare); and, 2) You deserve to have this over with in the best way possible – I am sure they have already made the decision and are just waiting for your happy face to match to the pictures in their files in order to give it the go-ahead.

Anyway… Try not to sweat it too much. You are a fine person. The USA needs more people like you to help them out. And I think they know that already.

Good luck, and just be who you are… that’s more than enough.

Love Dad

p.s. just to lighten things up a bit I have included my grade 11 yearbook picture… good for a laugh.

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