Picture yourself at this desk…

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…drinking a cup of tea, and you have all the time in the world to check out interesting links, like the ones below!

The MTA is auctioning off unclaimed lost & found goodies to help their yearly deficit

Is the annual Tomato Fight in Spain on your bucket list too?

Juliana Neufeld’s skateboard design for Toronto’s Another Disposable Artshow

I haven’t seen the finished product yet, but Tami’s skateboard looks amazing too

Great Father’s Day cards from Rifle

I want a cat with a personality as wonderful as Color Me Katie’s Moo

Bread shoes???

I can’t work in the US yet, but if you can, Yelp’s hiring

[image from Domino Mag]

Little buddy

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Nick and I have been talking about getting a cat together for years now, but because of our crazy situation and the fact that Nick travels a lot for work, it’s never made sense. Now that things are coming to a close and we will be married in the next few months, we are actually getting the chance to think about adopting a “little buddy” (as Nick calls them), which is very exciting!

At first, Nick was insisting on a black cat, to match his almost entirely black wardrobe, but now we both are thinking a short-haired, silvery-grey cat with yellow eyes would be wonderful! Either way, we’re going to take our time while cat shopping to make sure we get one with a sweet personality and hopefully get one who won’t want to rip up our couch.

In the meantime, I will swoon over the kitties on Dreamcats.


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Nick and I went to see Jonsi at Terminal 5 in New York last night and it was the best show I’ve seen in ages.

Although he is usually the frontman of Icelandic group Sigur Ros, this was in no way a lesser version of one of their shows. I saw them last summer in a beautiful small venue and I was telling Nick that I think the show we saw last night was even better. (He disagreed, but I digress.)

Not only did the music sound powerfully ethereal, the production was outstanding. Watch the video below to see his backdrop that looked like the skeleton of a building in a forest that has gorgeous illustrations of animals projected onto it and slowly bursts into flames.

Check out more videos and beautiful photos at Brooklyn Vegan.


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I decided to venture into Manhattan today to visit one of my favorite places in New York, Central Park. It was supposed to thunderstorm today, but the clouds went away, the sun came out, and it was beautiful!

Of course, the day called for ice cream from a Mr. Softee truck! (My first one of the year!)

I spent some time on Fifth Ave, including a drop into Tiffany’s. They’re my new public washroom for that area. You can’t do much better than that.

I think I must have walked for about 4 hours today, including my walk to and from yoga this morning. I have to go to the store to get food for a tasty salad, but my feet sure are tired! This blog post is providing some extra recuperation time.

Thanks for reading about my day, how was yours?

You know the tattoos are gonna be good when…

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I am loving this new poster design by Doublenaut for Toronto tattoo destination (and second home to Lizzie Renaud) Speakeasy Tattoo. I am reveling in the nautical resurgence that’s been exploding this summer!

Welcome to my wedding brain

May 4, 2010 § 8 Comments

Nick and I are now hoping for a wedding date of July 23, providing the visa and everything else goes as planned. Since we picked this as the ideal date yesterday, I have had a case of what I like to call “wedding brain”. Sure, we’re just going to NYC city hall, so there isn’t too much to plan and I’ve already got my dress (which you don’t get to see in the collage above – you have to wait!), but I’m now thinking about things like makeup, hair, and flowers since we are having photos done.

I’m looking into going to Woodley and Bunny in Williamsburg since they’re close and look pretty pro, and I’m digging both Sarah Michelle Gellar’s and Michelle Williams’ messy blonde buns. I like the makeup on the pink-tinted girl on the bed as well as poofy flower girl. Courtney and I are going to take a trip to Saipua in Red Hook to look at getting a bouquet and boutonniere for Nick and I.

I also love the black and white shot of the couple in front of city hall by Heather Waraksa. We plan on replicating it ourselves later!

Am I missing anything? What do you girls out there think?

A weekend in Pennsylvania

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This weekend, Nick and I took a road trip to Pennsylvania – Lancaster and Philadelphia to be exact. (Am I allowed to call it ‘Philly’? I don’t feel like I have the American street cred yet.) The great thing about the States is that all the cities and states are closer together. You can be in a whole other place after riding the train for just an hour!

We visited a chocolate factory with Nick’s family.

We saw Foxy Shazam in a small town, in a small old venue with a lot of excitable kids.

We tried kangaroo jerky (we also bought alligator and antelope jerky, to be saved for a later tasting).

And we ended up back in Philly (yes, I said it) for a quick visit with friends Angelo & Lisa.

Look at their fun, bright living room!

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