Hurry up and wait (again)

June 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

One of the hardest things of the past nearly 8 months of dealing with this immigration bullshit is what I’m dealing with now – sitting around in the suburbs, waiting for my visa and my passport to physically arrive in the mail!

When Nick and I were approved for the visa in Montreal, the man who interviewed us said I should have it the middle of the last week of May, but there’s still no sign of it! I am trying to enjoy my last bit of time here with friends and family, but it’s hard when I’m so eager to get back to New York and finally start planning the rest of my life, after having it on hold for a year (or three). I’ve already missed out on seeing Conan O’Brien’s show at Radio City Music Hall on Tuesday and I’m about to miss out on Brooklyn Blogfest next week!

In the meantime, I’m researching how to get married at city hall in Manhattan and reading about the recent renovations to the marriage bureau. I can’t wait to get married there and after considering a few other options, Nick and I know it’s the way to go for us. The photo above is taken inside the newly renovated offices, complete with backdrop of the city hall building. I’ve seen photos taken in front of it and didn’t know it was a fake until now! I still want our photo in front of it, right after we’ve been married :)


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