Mad Men Mania

July 18, 2010 § 2 Comments

I’ve been a bit absent lately, and I can’t blame it all on wedding preparations because a good deal of my spare time has been taken up by watching Mad Men all the way from the beginning with Nick. We wanted to get caught up so that when season 4 starts next weekend, we’ll be completely up to speed and in the know! Also, I was joking to Nick the other day that if we’re spending our last unmarried weekend watching Mad Men, we better be taking something from it, and by that I mean learning what NOT to do once we’re married!

In all seriousness though, what an amazing show. I can’t wait to wear my red lipstick and get all done up on Thursday for the wedding and then watch the new episode on our honeymoon.

(Above image: me, playing Joan’s accordion, drinking a beer/coca-cola, doing a presentation via Mad Men Yourself)

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