I finally bought a bike!

July 2, 2010 § 2 Comments

I finally got myself a New York bike Wednesday night.

In Toronto, I’d ride my bike to and from work, to shows, to friends’ houses, to restaurants & bars, basically everywhere I could from April to November, for the past three years or so. I sold my bike last May when I was purging my belongings to move to the U.S. and haven’t had one since, due to being uncertain of how long I’d be anywhere and because it’s just ┬ánot easy to get the kind of bike I wanted here. I had been buying the $99 Supercycles from Canadian Tire to deter thieves (the resale value wouldn’t have been worth the crime) and all I could find in Brooklyn was snobby fixed-gear hipster stores.

After a bout of stubborn determinedness, I devised a plan Wednesday – I was going to the city to get myself a helmet and a lock from a sporting goods store, then I’d head to K-Mart at Astor Place to get myself a cheap mountain bike and the plan was a success! I walked/rode the bike home from Manhattan (mostly walked, don’t worry, Mom & Nick!), over the Williamsburg Bridge. It was the perfect ride to get accustomed to riding again, but WOW did my butt hurt yesterday. It’s better today, but still getting used to the seat. Ouch.

I’ve already found biking in Brooklyn to be amazing! There are many quiet side streets and bike lanes on busier streets – it’s very bike-friendly! I am going to have a great summer :)

P.S. I managed to find the cute white helmet from my previous post at Paragon sports! I love its little hat beak!

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