Last days of Summer

August 29, 2010 § 3 Comments

With Nick on his yearly “man trip” to the beach in North Carolina, Courtney, Jesse, and I decided to take a beach trip of our own – to Coney Island, of course! The weather was perfect and it wasn’t nearly as busy as it’s been the last few times I’ve been there. We ate pizza and burgers and ice cream and rode a ride and put our feet in the ocean. We left with sand in our shoes and sun on our faces. It was a good day.

The Wonder Wheel


Win these terrifying Michael Jackson dolls!

Jesse Brown on the beach

Courtney & I enjoying the beach

Double trouble!?




A couple things…

August 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

New York is enjoying some much-needed rainstorms today and Nick and I are inside, lounging on the couch, being happy to be inside and in each other’s company (even if he is watching baseball and I am blogging ;)

Here’s a couple posts from around the web I think you’ll enjoy.

Super cute (and detailed) desserts!

Confused by the hearsay of what Facebook Places really is and if you should partake in this new application? Read this interesting and informative article.

Insound’s 10 For 10 design series features t-shirts and posters from bands such as Broken Social Scene with original art by Sonnenzimmer.

Dark chocolate milk? Get into my fridge!!

I love it when bands put original and eye-pleasing designs into their branding, like Arcade Fire’s new record design & totebags.

[photo above from Once Wed]


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After coming up with a rhyme that made me chuckle yesterday, my font-loving friend Courtney and I started the Tumblr account WANT FONT. I expect all typeface appreciators will enjoy this predominantly image-filled website, that makes for a nice quick read.

My (short) rap video career

August 16, 2010 § 1 Comment

Today Courtney reminded me of my one appearance in a rap music video for Winnipeg group Mood Ruff and I couldn’t help but post it here for you to see.

It was shot in 1998, Osbourne Village in downtown Winnipeg, in a record store called Into The Music. The lovely lady beside me is Ingrid Aubery (now Revak). We were in a band called Shannon Doll together at the time and got the gig through our friend Jenn, who worked with Garfield from Mood Ruff at HMV.

My role was to be the innocent-looking high school girl, shoplifting records. If my memory serves me right, I was paid generously in blueberry muffins.

A few things

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In an effort to stay up late on our first Saturday night at home since we’ve been married, Nick and I are going out for a late dinner, probably to DuMont Burger in Williamsburg. Until then, I am passing the time by catching up on my many unread pages on Google Reader. Here are some recent reads I loved that I think you might too:

Spaghetti packaging divided into servings! What an amazing idea as I always make too much or not enough.

How cool are these camera phone mini lenses?

A Flickr group for New York photos from 1910

I love these prints from Mark Weaver

Vintage packaging for stubby beer bottles


August 11, 2010 § 6 Comments

Nick and I traveled to Chicago on Thursday night to attend legendary rock festival, Lollapalooza. The festival was amazing and bigger than any I’d ever been to before with over 70,000 people in attendance. We also realized that we love Chicago! Here are some photos from our travels.

Chicago’s giant mirrored bean

Us in the bean

Foxy Shazam fans with their fans (shaped like Eric’s head)

I’m so glad I finally saw Devo

Chicago cityscape at night from Grant Park – beautiful!

Nick at hilarious restaurant, Dick’s Last Resort

Lollapalooza crowd from main stage

Nick & I in front of portapotty town

We watched Frank Turner in the rain

Legendary club (and the venue of Smashing Pumpkins’ first gig) The Metro

Wrigley Field

Rooftop baseball viewers

A couple internet goodies

August 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

My adorable and stunning friends Will & Meriwether got married this past June in Texas. Sadly, Nick and I missed the party because of immigration madness, but their wedding photos just surfaced today and they’re definitely worth sharing.

See more on Our Labor of Love

In other news, the talented Joanna Goddard is subletting her apartment in the West Village for Labour Day weekend. Do you have plans to visit NYC this September? You could be the lucky tenant

Stay tuned for photos and details from our Chicago trip to Lollapalooza this past weekend.

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