Greencard interview: the review

November 16, 2010 § 5 Comments

Fear not, I wasn’t deported after my Greencard interview yesterday, Time Warner, NY’s least competent cable provider, just went down and broke my a blog-a-day streak!

If I had internet access last night, my report of the day would have sounded something like this.

Nick and I got up at 6 am to make sure we arrived early enough – but not obnoxiously early – to our 8:15 am appointment in downtown Manhattan. We went through the usual government building security and headed up to the 8th floor where the Adjustment of Status rooms were. Our lawyer told us he’d send an associate to meet us and sit in with us during our interview and he’d meet us there at 7:45. We waited until 8:05 before we went ahead and checked in without him, assuming he wasn’t coming. He showed up 45 minutes late, telling us “it’s the government, OF COURSE their meetings aren’t going to be on time”. Yeah, because Greencard interviews are no big deal and nothing to make sure you’re punctual for.

The three of us sat in the waiting room with a bunch of other people. The family in front of us was talking with their own pompous lawyer and seemed grossly unprepared for their interview, telling him they didn’t bring any proof of having joint bank accounts, credit cards, rental agreements, life insurance, nothin’. The lawyer kept himself amused by correcting their grammar.

About an hour after that, extremely parched and hungry as you aren’t allowed any food or drink in the waiting room, we were called for our meeting. Our officer was fairly pleasant, but rocked a very thick Puertorican accent and it was really hard to understand her questions. Turns out, her questions were totally inane and unrelated to our situation. She asked us each our full names, birthdays, and where we lived like three times each. She was confused when we said we didn’t bring a copy of our lease, because only Nick’s name was on it, so it was irrelevant to proving we both lived there. She didn’t even look at most of the documentation I brought, which the appointment letter said to make sure I brought with me. At the end of the interview, she asked if we had any questions. I asked if we were approved. She said we had to wait up to 60 days to find out. Nick asked if it was still okay if I left the country for Christmas. She said “just wait for the greencard, just in case”. I insisted that we really wanted to go to Canada for Christmas, as I haven’t seen most of my friends and family in 5 months and asked why I should have to wait if I already had my Advance Parole documents. She didn’t seem to really know what she was talking about, so kept repeating “just wait, just in case”.

We left the room feeling irritated and ripped off, mostly because we didn’t get the immediate gratification that came right after our visa interview. Our case is such an open and shut one because we already were granted a visa and there’s nothing more to really discuss, except for maybe proving we are a real couple in love, and she didn’t seem to care about that. I called my lawyer as soon as I was back in Brooklyn and he insists that she’s a nut who doesn’t know what she’s talking about and I can most definitely travel while my greencard is processing. This still makes me nervous because I do not want to get stuck in Canada again!

Hopefully this worrying is for nothing and my greencard comes in the mail in the next few weeks, as everything has been coming together quickly lately.

All in all, nothing bad happened, it was just not a pleasant experience.

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