Super Smashing Pumpkins Bros.

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Just when you thought it couldn’t get nerdier than me raving about my Smashing Pumpkins Twitter RT last night…

East Coast Winter Storm, take 4

January 28, 2011 § 2 Comments

On Tuesday night, New York got pounded with a massive winter storm for the fourth time since Christmas. There was thunder and lightning, rain and snow, but mostly snow. Needless to say, I had to document this urban tundra with photos of the morning after.






IMG_1749Contrary to popular belief, New Yorkers are quite polite and courteous of each other in times like these. The sidewalks are often only shoveled enough for one person to walk down at a time and are rarely plowed wide enough to be able to pass a slow-walking stranger. You hear a lot of “excuse me”s and “thank you”s and it’s all very uplifting! That is, until about a day or two after the storm and we’re all tired of dealing with the snow and ice and become rude again ;)

How do you like your yoga?

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My wrist hurts today. I don’t know if it has to do with the weather, but I do know it has to do with being on computers a lot. I was planning on going to a vinyasa yoga class tonight, but I just tried to do a downward dog and move into a plow pose in the storage room to test my wrist for strength and it failed. It looks like it’ll be the gym for me tonight instead.

In the spirit of yoga, here are a couple interesting articles I’ve come across lately. I personally find myself somewhere between the spiritual, Eastern hippie-ness of yoga and the casual, Western version of it. I do appreciate the history, but most of the time I just want a work out, not to learn how to move my organs around and flatten my bellybutton to my spine.

The New York Times is calling Tara Stiles a “yoga rebel” because she calls yoga as she sees it – she doesn’t use the lingo and believes it should be for everybody, while Irin Carmon contemplates what’s wrong with how we talk about yoga.

How do you like your yoga?

photo from Flickr

Doublenaut + Design*Sponge

January 24, 2011 § 1 Comment

My favourite Toronto twins Matt and Andrew McCracken have been featured on Design*Sponge!

Chances are if you’re reading my blog, you already know the McCrackens, but if you don’t, the brothers run a design company called Doublenaut. They specialize in posters, but also create wonderful websites, t-shirts, and more. The company operates out of their apartment that the two share, which explains why it’s so carefully and simply organized.

Check out more photos of their all-purpose space here.

Love story

January 17, 2011 § 5 Comments

Nick and I received an amazing belated wedding present from our good friends Courtney and Jesse this weekend.

Courtney and I had been working on something that was going to be a wedding favour for our lunch reception, but kind of ran out of time and focus and ending up skipping it. I have been looking back at it lately and thinking to myself I should still do something with it, so it was such a nice surprise to receive a big, framed print of it!


The print is the (extremely brief) version of our love story! Here’s the actual file:


Thanks again, guys! We love it.

Also, I definitely have to mention that this inspired us to do our own love story.

Don Draper VS Hank Moody

January 14, 2011 § 9 Comments

My Sunday nights still have a gaping hole where Mad Men once was, but at least now Californication is back in its third season to fill some of the void.

Although Californication is only half an hour long and not quite as intelligent, it still satisfies some of my need for outlandish situations and gasp-inducing plot twists. The show also provides an alternate handsome older man to look at while simultaneously being grateful he isn’t my husband.

How much alike are Don and Hank? Let’s take a closer look.

Don + Hank – The Similarities:

  1. Both serious womanizers
  2. Both give occasional feeble attempts to clean up their act
  3. Both suddenly found themselves single (up until the last episode of last season for Don anyway)
  4. Both love the hooch

Don + Hank – The Differences:

  1. Don is a much better dresser
  2. Hank is brutally honest while Don is a pathological liar
  3. Don is much more career-oriented

Other than those major bullet points, Hank could very well be a modern day version of Don. That being said, who would you rather date?

To Resolve

January 12, 2011 § 1 Comment

I love these posters by Motherland Design inspired by New Years resolutions. The To Resolve Project features art by a number of different designers and I think there’s something for everyone, whether you need to name your PSD layers or stop sweating the little things.

See tons more here.

Get ready for another snowstorm, feet!

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The weather authorities are telling us New Yorkers that we are about to get another dumping of snow tonight and that dumping could result in as much as 14 inches of cold white stuff. I immediately thought of my feet. I walk everywhere I can and my Tretorn boots just got holes in them after the last storm. Way to let me down when I really need you, boots! Well, I guess I had them for three years so it must be time to upgrade.

This morning I ordered a pair of Hunter boots over the internet. It’s not so much the warmth I’m concerned about than the dryness. Dryness is the essence of warmth afterall, right?

What’s your favourite footwear for winter? I still need some more ideas so I stop wearing my military boots every day.

Keep warm & dry, East Coasters!


January 9, 2011 § 2 Comments

I’ve been noticing more and more lately that there are a few topics that get me ranting. Things I’m passionate about, that I have a lot to say about, and things I think more people need to know about. These are all positive rants and include the following topics:


If I’m in a room with strangers and forced to interact, you can bet it will only take ten minutes or so for me to bring up the fact that I’m Canadian. I don’t even do this on purpose, I just find that it comes up in many conversations. “Oh, actually, I’m not that familiar with state capitals because I’m from Canada”, “Zed, yes, the letter. Oh, right. I mean zee. Sorry, I’m from Canada”, “The coldest weather I’ve ever experienced was minus 50 degrees. Celsius. I don’t know what that is in fahrenheight. I’m Canadian”.


They look scary, but I’m so glad I made myself learn how to use a neti pot last fall! You can overcome colds much faster by using one, relieve allergies, and when used on a day-to-day basis for no reason in particular, you still feel amazing after you’ve used it. The first time I succeeded in pouring water into one nostril and out the other, I felt a ridiculously huge sense of accomplishment.


What? You haven’t tried yoga? Get over your self-confidence issues and do it! No one’s looking at you anyways, they’re all too busy trying not to fall over. This is something anyone at any age, body type, or athletic skill level can do. You’ll feel even better after than that last neti potting.


Different than just talkin’ up Canada. I’d still live in Toronto if it weren’t for my American counterpart. I love the city and think it’s worth a visit to anyone. Last week alone, I convinced two coworkers to plan trips there. I should work for the tourism board!

My own Groundhog Day

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This first week back at work after the Christmas holiday has been rough. Shannon and I at White Label are handling a major artist release with a strict deadline and it’s the only band we’ve been working on all day long, all week, making this week seem absolutely never-ending. It’s also so exhausting standing and running around all day, lifting and carrying things, that by the time I get home, I usually have no energy left for anything else. I did manage to get to the gym (barely) on Monday and went to yoga last night, but it seems every day this week has been work, sleep, repeat. This morning when I woke up, I felt like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. “AGAIN?” I thought to myself “it’s not over yet???”

Today is our deadline for the release so it will be a long one with lots of hard work, but I hope tomorrow will be different and that next week things will be back to normal. This week has already made me fail at one of my 2011 goals – I haven’t updated in three days!

How are your first weeks back at work going?

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