How Watson could have been beat

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Did you watch IBM’s super computer, Watson, play Jeopardy’s most notorious players the other week? Despite some funny computer glitches like betting a strangely precise amount of money when getting the Daily Double, he ended up winning. Here’s one take on how he could have been defeated. Nerdy robot programming humour alert!

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Toronto tattoos in New York

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My friend Lizzie Renaud, owner of tattoo shop Speakeasy Tattoo, is visiting Brooklyn from Toronto in April. She’ll be guest tattooing at Three Kings in Greenpoint and is now taking bookings!

Lizzie is a great artist – she designed my back tattoo years ago, when she was just a counter girl, and has done work on so many of my friends, I’ve lost count. She will be in Brooklyn April 6-10. Check out her work online here and email to reserve your spot now.

My long weekend

February 21, 2011 § 4 Comments

Nick and I started off our long weekend with dinner at our current favourite restaurant, Paulie Gee’s. We have come up with the perfect pizza: The Greenpointer with prosciutto added. Yum! (photo: Flickr)

I bought the new Radiohead “newspaper album” and downloaded the record, King of Limbs. It’s a lot different than In Rainbows, but it’s growing on me. What do you think?

We watched Harold and Maude for the first time and really enjoyed it! Fans of dark humour rejoice.

While Nick went to see Immortal on Saturday night, I stayed home and watched Never Let Me Go. It was breathtaking, but so sad. I’m surprised it’s not nominated for Best Picture.

Sunday night I met Courtney and Jesse and their out-of-town friends for dinner and drinks at Schiller’s. So tasty and a such great time! (photo: Flickr)

I’m sad the long weekend is coming to a close, but I feel like I definitely took advantage of my time off. What did you do for your President’s Day/Family Day off?

A preview of Spring

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I’m currently celebrating my first President’s Day long weekend! If I was in Canada, I’d have Monday off as well, with a recently-created holiday called “Family Day”. Sure, it sounds much more made up and less legitimate, but has a sweeter ring to it, don’t you think?

My weekend is already off to a great start. How about that Friday weather? It reached a high of 17 degrees (celcius) in New York yesterday! Some of the things I saw on the street in Brooklyn included:

  1. a man shoveling snow in shorts and a t-shirt
  2. a guy riding his bike while pulling a wheely suitcase alongside him
  3. about 30 kids under the age of 7 on the street after 9pm
  4. many flip flops, Spring skirts, and shorts

I’m glad Canada isn’t the only place that gets this excited about a shockingly nice day in the middle of Winter! I can’t wait for that ‘beer on a patio’ weather.

photo: Maurizio Strippoli

Siamese Dream Girl

February 19, 2011 § 1 Comment

This is still blowing my mind.



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Oh, hey there.

Sorry I’ve been pretty bad at keeping my New Year’s goal of blogging at least every other day. It seems that succeeding in every goal you set for yourself to accomplish in a year is much easier when you are unemployed. I’ve been pretty busy working for Insound, trying to find the energy and strength to go to the gym or yoga afterwards, doing some freelance design, attempting to ignite some new projects, then spending the remaining time with Nick and friends, and so unfortunately, writing is taking the backseat. Which is sad and I’d like to put this drought to an end. So, I know it’s not much, but here’s the latest thing I’ve written. As a full-time employee, I am now subject to contribute blog entries to the Stuff We Like page. Check out my blurb on the new Mogwai here!

photo: Maffashion

Peter Luger is my (other) Valentine

February 13, 2011 § 1 Comment

Many of you have probably heard me rave about Peter Luger Steakhouse before – it’s become mine and Nick’s favourite special occasion restaurant. We decided that lunch there would become our New Year’s Day lunch tradition and now I think it’s official that this is where we will spend the many Valentines Days we have to look forward together as well.

Since I’ve given most of my friends and family an idea of how delicious their food is through words, I thought it I’d step it up a notch and give you a play-by-play of our favourite things to order there.

Step 1: The Bread Basket

When you arrive at your table, you are greeted with a basket of amazing bread and a gravy boat full of Luger sauce. This sauce is meant to be eaten on almost anything in the restaurant, including the bread. Butter up and dip!

Step 2: The Bacon

I know it’s hard, but don’t eat too much bread. Limit yourself to one or two buns at the most and save room for our favourite appetizer, their thick and juicy pieces of giant bacon. I usually eat one, Nick goes for two.



Step 3: The Burger (!!!)

Peter Luger is known for its amazing steak, but Nick and I love to go for the burgers. They’re easily the best burgers either of us has ever had, as they are basically ground, high quality steak, covered in melted processed cheese, then topped with a thick slice of onion and of course, more Luger sauce. The simplicity is amazing. No other condiments are necessary or recommended. This baby is also about an eighth the cost of a steak.

Please note: the burgers are only available at lunchtime!



Step 4: The Cheesecake

I hope you did your Peter Luger prep work and made sure you were very hungry before arriving because you can’t leave after eating all that meat – you need to finish off your amazing meal with the best cheesecake I’ve ever had.

The plain cheesecake is unbelievably creamy and is accompanied by a bowl of real whipped cream bigger than your slice of cake. Black tea is a great pairing.


And that’s Nick and Christina’s Valentine’s Day Peter Luger guide!

Have you ever been there? What do you order?

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