Musical “meh”s

February 5, 2011 § 3 Comments

I have a confession to make… I am finding it incredibly hard to be excited about any new music these days. You may say that’s no big deal, hardly worth a confession, but to me, it is. For most of my working life I’ve been involved in music somehow whether it be working at record stores or in the actual live music industry and I’ve always had something to be excited about. I’ve always marked down upcoming concerts on my calendar and looked forward to new album releases. These days, I find myself listening to more old music than ever; music older than me even, such as The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, Rolling Stones, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Hank Williams, Led Zeppelin, and more. The more recent music I select on my iPod is at least a couple years old. I don’t know if I’d realize this was happening so much if I didn’t currently work at an online music retailer. We get in shipments every day and every day I look at what comes in and shrug. New bands that sound like inferior versions of bands I already like, new bands that are trying to bring back disco mixed with gothic rock, and douchey rap artists *cough* Kanye West *cough*. It’s like 2011 is recovering from an emo pop-punk hangover.

I think a big part of my new music drought is that I miss Canadian music. It doesn’t really reach America and I miss hearing about new artists through my old job at the booking agency in Toronto. I would discover more bands because I’d go out to shows with friends for work and realize “hey, these guys I wouldn’t have normally gone to see are actually pretty good!”

Another big part of the drought is that music sharing is almost non-existent at my office. Only a few people even have speakers for their computer, so for the most part, we all sit at our desks with our headphones on, and you can only guess what everyone’s listening to. We make top ten lists for our website, but it’s pretty unlikely that I’m going to buy every record someone recommends to me with the current track record I’ve been experiencing.

So what are you listening to these days? Is it just me having a hard time? Is anything interesting out there worth a listen? Eli Klein, I’m looking in your direction. And anyone else who wants to share. Pick up my musical spirits!

Time for the weekend

February 4, 2011 § 3 Comments

Do you have any interesting weekend plans? Nick didn’t get much of a weekend last week, so we plan on some sleeping in together tomorrow, but also heading into the city to pick up a couple things before we celebrate the lovely Courtney‘s birthday with her at one of our (mine & Courtney’s, not mine & Nick’s, haha) favourite restaurants, the Sidewalk Cafe. Sunday morning, if I’m up to it, I might stop by my current yoga studio to do Gentle Kripalu on TV! We’ll see about that one ;)

Here are a couple posts from around the interweb that I’ve been enjoying & forwarding on today:

Speaking of yoga, I’d love to ditch my mat and try out Yoga Paws!

Everything in this listing of Nerd Valentine ideas is amazing, especially the someecards with the Steve Jobs reference.

I love my giant sectional couch, but these ones are so stylish and have built-in coffee tables.

This trinity of Black & Grey tattoo books feature some really amazing artwork on skin. It got one big WANT from my husband!

A wintry update

February 2, 2011 § 2 Comments

This past week has been rather exhausting!

On top of starting a new position at Insound and meeting with a new web company about doing some part time work for them, the weather has continued to be very wintery, which makes it hard to want to leave the house or do more than is required each day. Last night I had to cancel dinner with a friend due to an impending ice storm, and what an ice storm it was! When I woke up this morning, the trees, cars, and most importantly, the ground, was covered in a thick coat of ice. It’s a good thing about a third of my block is an apartment complex that has a wrought iron fence around it, because holding onto that fence as I slid by was the only thing keeping me from falling down.

This winter has been a landmark – both because it’s my first winter in New York and also because we were incredibly close (or maybe we did?) to breaking the record for the most snow in January ever!

How are you liking the winter of 2011?

photo: Mother Firefly

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