A Saturday in the Village

March 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

After using the gift certificate Nick got me to Angel Feet for a reflexology session, I spent this splendidly sunny, warm March afternoon in the West Village. A visit to the Village is always interesting if you’re not completely familiar with it – it’s one of the only areas of New York that is not a grid so the streets start going diagonally and running into each other, the numbered streets aren’t necessarily in order anymore, and so navigating is a bit of a challenge. I took this rare opportunity to get lost and wander in circles past a bunch of cute cafes and shops and even perused some stores for the first time. Did you know that there is a Marc Jacobs bookstore?

I also had some time to take a couple photos with my compact camera:



Greenwich Substation








Oh and if you ever have the chance or the extra dough, I’d highly recommend a reflexology session from Angel Feet. I had an hour massage for just my hands and feet and it was divine! It’s so interesting how talented the practitioners are as well – afterwards she told me what she felt from my pressure points: apparently my tension is held in my spine, shoulders, and hips. These are the places I need to make sure I stretch and take care of, which is very true!

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