Rooftops and Shingles

March 19, 2011 § 1 Comment


Friday was my last day working for Insound. They were a sweet company to work for, my co-workers were great, and I enjoyed the 10 minute walk of a commute, but I didn’t feel as though my full potential was being required of me to do the job I was working. Also, the position was destroying my legs. I consider myself to be pretty in-shape as a regular visitor of my gym and an avid practicer of yoga, but the constant bending down, climbing stepladders, lifting, squatting, etc. for 8 or 9 hours a day really got to my joints. I am now on anti-inflammatory meds for my knees and hips and taking glucosamine twice a day. Crazy right? Just wait, it gets weirder – I also probably have shingles. I thought only old people got shingles, but apparently not. Once you have the chicken pox, it lies dormant in your system for the rest of your life. A weakened immune system or other injury usually brings it out in the form of shingles. Mine aren’t too bad right now – just two patches of four spots each on my ribs and stomach – they’re just a little itchy sometimes. I really hope they don’t get worse because I’m headed to Toronto for a visit on Tuesday. I will be going back to the doctor Monday to confirm shingles is what I actually have so I can start to treat it.


Last night, following my last day of work, a couple buds from Insound celebrated with me in the form of rooftop beers. The building has an amazing view of the Manhattan skyline and the rest of Greenpoint. Later, one of my best ladyfriends, Kate, came to Greenpoint to meet me for huge burritos and I had to share the rooftop skyline with her too.


So once again I’m technically unemployed, but I have many projects TBA including a part time job as a personal wedding assistant. More to come later, friends!

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