A Saturday in the Village

March 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

After using the gift certificate Nick got me to Angel Feet for a reflexology session, I spent this splendidly sunny, warm March afternoon in the West Village. A visit to the Village is always interesting if you’re not completely familiar with it – it’s one of the only areas of New York that is not a grid so the streets start going diagonally and running into each other, the numbered streets aren’t necessarily in order anymore, and so navigating is a bit of a challenge. I took this rare opportunity to get lost and wander in circles past a bunch of cute cafes and shops and even perused some stores for the first time. Did you know that there is a Marc Jacobs bookstore?

I also had some time to take a couple photos with my compact camera:



Greenwich Substation








Oh and if you ever have the chance or the extra dough, I’d highly recommend a reflexology session from Angel Feet. I had an hour massage for just my hands and feet and it was divine! It’s so interesting how talented the practitioners are as well – afterwards she told me what she felt from my pressure points: apparently my tension is held in my spine, shoulders, and hips. These are the places I need to make sure I stretch and take care of, which is very true!

A1 Scrabble

March 3, 2011 § 2 Comments

In ┬ámy personal findings I think generally if you’re a big fan of Scrabble, you can usually appreciate a good font and typography design as well. That’s why I think this Scrabble set would be huge if it came into fruition – this set was designed by Industrial Design Student Andrew Clifford with the idea to give Scrabble players a choice of what font they’d like their set to come in. It’s unclear if this will be available to purchase anytime soon, but let’s cross our fingers that this inspires Scrabble to pick up his design!

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Ow, my body

March 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

I feel about as old as this adorable couple today. And with Nick having shoulder problems lately, these could very well be our twins.

My new position at work has been a terrible strain on my legs, specifically my left knee. How frustrating is it to have a job that asks a lot from you physically, but little from you mentally? I took a physical health day today to help my achey, crampy legs recuperate. I hope this works!

photo: Shhh…

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