A change of address

April 28, 2011 § 6 Comments

Nick and I are moved into our new apartment, a whole one street South from where we previously lived. What can I say? We love Greenpoint.

The new place is great. Almost too great, if you know what I mean. I just keep reminding myself that I’m married now, almost 30, and after all the hard work Nick and I have done to be together, we deserve to live somewhere nice. No more will we have to deal with landlords who ignore us, $300/month winter heating bills, and a guy and his dog as upstairs neighbours who never sleep, but seem to always be wrestling each other and/or diving off tables.

The only downside to this move is that Time Warner cable has made us wait a whole five days before they’ll come install our internet and TV. Yes, normally this wouldn’t be so bad, but I’m working from home now and the band I’m doing design, social media, and website management for is going on tour next week. Therefore, I’ve clocked about 11 hours in my neighbourhood Starbucks this week. Thank goodness for their free wifi! I just keep hoping that when people look at what’s on my computer, they see me with a screen full of work-in-progress html, and not Facebook news feeds ;)

If you’re jonesin’ for some photos of our dream apartment, check them out here. Just keep in mind, it’s pretty much a disaster still, especially in that future home office that we’re currently pretending is a black hole.

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