June 3, 2011 § 2 Comments

Last night, Nick and I went to see Woody Allen’s new movie, Midnight in Paris. It was the first movie we’d gone to see in the theatre since Black Swan because there just haven’t been many movies that have made us want to leave the comfort of our living room and deal with the loud and care-free movie-goers of New York. Despite the fact that there were definitely theatre-talkers present, the movie was great. A must-see for literary nerds and lovers of Paris. Nick and I are even more excited to visit the city this Summer!

You know how you can tell that the movie you’re about to see is good by the previews that play before it? Well I want to see every single movie I saw trailers for, especially this one:

Yep, right up my alley.

Are there any movies you’re excited for this summer?

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§ 2 Responses to Beginners

  • Craig MacBride says:

    I have such high hopes for Beginners that I’m a little scared to see it. Looks so good.

    • Christina says:

      I’m not worried, it looks great. It’s also based loosely on the director, Mike Mills’ own life experiences.

      Also, as a writer, did you notice how many hyphenated words I included in this post, Craig? I don’t think I could have had any more if I tried!

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