It’s almost time

August 17, 2011 § 2 Comments

One week til Europe! What have I done to prepare, you may ask? I bought a few Paris guidebooks and read one cover to cover. I highlighted all the things and places that sounded interesting and once I was finished the book, I went back and put all my markers into a Word document, sorted by neighborhood (or arrondissement). Then I created a day to day schedule and put the most interesting must-sees into the time we had available. The result is a realistic, but adventure-filled week in Paris!

I will surely have much more detail for you once I experience it firsthand, but here are a few things I’m looking forward to.

The Eiffel Tower – open daily 9:00am – 12:45am. We plan on visiting somewhere between sunset and nighttime.

Champs de Mars – the gorgeous public park by the Eiffel Tower.

Louvre – We already have an entire day set aside to spend at one of the world’s largest, most incredible museums. Nick is ready to nerd out, Da Vinci Code style.

Les Deux Magots Cafe – a famous cafe in St-Germain where the intellectual and artistic legends of yore used to meet. Among them, Hemingway and Picasso.

{image source}

Deyrolle – “The strangest shop in all of Paris” sounds like a taxidermy zoo!

Grande Galerie de l’Evolution – The story of evolution told with real stuffed animals. Yes, we love animals, alive or dead.

Panthéon – An important architectural icon built slowly throughout the late 1700s.

{image source}

Shakespeare & Co. Bookstore – Established by a woman from New Jersey in 1919, this bookstore was a gathering place for writers like James Joyce, Ernest Hemingway, and William S. Burroughs. Just looking at this picture sends me to a happy place.

Auberge Nicolas Flamel – His name will sound familiar to my fellow Harry Potter fans, but maybe like me, you didn’t think he was real. Wrong – Flamel was the most successful of European chemists and, as legend has it, he created the Philosopher’s Stone, which turns lead into gold and can grant immortality. His house is the oldest in Paris, built in 1407, and is now a restaurant.

Hôtels particuliers (mansions) – Apparently Le Marais is full of beautiful old mansions, bursting with history. We will find them!

I have many more items on my agenda, but I won’t give them all away just yet. Stay tuned for full coverage upon my return in September!

Have you ever been to Paris? What were your favorite things to do or see?

{photos above from Pinterest, unless stated otherwise}

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