Reading Festival

September 6, 2011 § 1 Comment


I’m back home in Brooklyn after a wonderful 10-day vacation in Europe. I’m still getting used to being back in my regular time zone though – all I could do to stay awake until almost 9:00 last night was to edit my 400+ photos of our time in London and Paris. I’ve decided rather than bombard you with photos all at once, I would break it up a little by theme.

So let’s talk about the Reading Festival. If you’re anything like me, you have never been to a European music festival, but you’ve watched them on TV since you were 14. You’ve imagined what it would be like to camp out and spend three days straight in the mud, not worrying all that much about hygiene and seeing all the hottest bands of the year. I won’t even pretend that we camped out (we’re too old for that now), but we pulled on our rubber boots, saw a lot of people dressed as animals, and met some festival veterans, one of whom gave me a wristband that provided me with free prosecco all day. (Prosecco at a music festival! Unheard of.)



We saw Frank Turner play


He had complete control over the crowd – they went crazy for him!



My Reading Festival outfit


This guy’s Reading Festival outfit


More interesting outfits



Death From Above 1979


More wellies

We were also lucky enough to hear Frank Turner covering Nick’s favourite Queen song “Somebody To Love” and I managed to film some of it! As soon as I figure out how to take the video off of my camera, I’ll post that as well as a video of Frank dousing himself with Veuve Clicquot after the show.

More European coverage to come!

Paris, day 5

September 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

As our Paris vacation comes to a close, we have started to slow down. We have been all over the city on both sides of the Seine and have seen almost everything we wanted to, so we are now focusing on the vacation part of our trip and spending most of our time relaxing and eating.

I think Paris has finally convinced me that coffee is something worth drinking every day, or at the very least in the company of a delicious crepe!

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