Quitting your day job

October 19, 2011 § 4 Comments

Who hasn’t had a terrible job? If you’re not in one now, think back to that job you were forced to keep so you could pay your rent or advance your career. Remember how good it felt when you were finally able to quit? If you were like me, you politely handed in a letter of resignation and patiently waited out your last two weeks, knowing there was an end in sight. Well, this guy did things a little differently:

I don’t know this guy, but I love how excited you feel for him in the video. Also, this marching band should really go into the “helping you quit your shitty job” business!

Have you ever quit a job in a legendary way?

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§ 4 Responses to Quitting your day job

  • dani kreeft says:

    i saw this on facebook the other day but hadn’t had a chance to click and watch it yet. it’s so awesome. although the guy should have stuck around a little longer, he races ahead of the band! but all in all, awesome way to quit. kudos! and thanks for sharing.

  • Why does it bother me? says:

    This video is awesome! I can not express how much I like it!!!!

    I worked for a head office of a huge retail chain in the UK (when they went bust and I rubbed my hands together with GLEE!) they treated us a little less pleasantly than inmates at Guantanamo Bay. One day after being spoken to like a piece of crap I lost my temper with my boss, who called me and a member of the HR team into an office so they could discipline me. This is my proudest work memory. Ever.
    I stood up, they both looked at me and my boss said; ‘What do you think you are doing?’
    I replied; “I have a very nice life, and to be honest it is about to get better, I quit. This job is an eight hour blight on an otherwise unspoiled day. Goodbye.” And I walked out! And I never went back. I have never felt so liberated!

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