October 31, 2011 § 6 Comments

Happy Halloween! Nick and I spent our pre-Halloween weekend in Toronto, visiting family and friends and seeing a few of his bands play for an incredibly enthusiastic crowd. Unfortunately, this means we missed out on any Halloween parties, but we’ve vowed to find a good party (or throw one) and dress up next year.

Until then, here are some weird and hilarious costumes from the past few years.

Me as a zombie, Sarah as a mermaid, Nathan as “Bad Brains” (?), and Karen slips into a children’s pumpkin costume

Perhaps my strangest role ever – Cheech Marin with Jayme as Tommy Chong

The year Angela and I just dug a bunch of weird clothes, wigs, and bronzer out of her costume trunk at the last minute.

Two of my favourite Halloween costumes ever: Chad cross-dressing figure skater and Julia’s worm!

I’ve seen so many good costume ideas this year including The Fantastic Mr. & Mrs. Fox, Toddlers in Tiaras, and more. What did you dress up as?

Also: Halloween or Williamsburg?

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