Friday the Thirteenth

January 15, 2012 § 1 Comment

This Friday, I had the most interesting, and best, Friday the 13th of my life.

It started out early with my favourite monthly appointment – Creative Mornings. The speaker was Jacob Krupnick, the creator, director, and cinematographer for dance film/NYC love letter, Girl Walk All Day.

After an upbeat lecture where he explained the makings and showed some behind-the-scenes of Girl Walk All Day, he screened the 70-minute film in its entirety. Even though it was 10 am, a dance party ensued…

It was hard not to join in – I know I was dancing with a bunch of strangers in my parka at one point!

Go here to watch Girl Walk All Day and dance at your desk.

Later that night, things got a lot spookier. Nick, Kate, Bryan, and I went to see Sleep No More at the McKittrick Hotel in Chelsea. This “show” is loosely based on Macbeth, but you’re wandering amongst the actors in a real live choose-your-adventure story.

Upon arrival, everyone working at the hotel is in character. You immediately surrender all coats, bags, and personality. You’re led into the lounge where you immediately feel like you’re in a David Lynch movie. A strange man calls you by group number and you’re given a white mask to wear that you can’t take off until you leave. You’re put into an elevator and dropped off on a random floor. Although it’s hard to tell at first since the hotel is so disorienting, there are 6 floors and 100 rooms to explore. Each room is different and made up with much effort and detail and they encourage you to root through papers and books, eat candy from jars, and touch what you please. You’ll pass through a graveyard, children’s rooms, bedrooms, offices, hotel lobbies, a morgue, and a ballroom.

You aren’t meant to stick with the friends you came with – it’s hard to even tell who they are with the masks on in the dark. The actors and actresses go from room to room, up and down across all floors throughout the night. Many people choose to follow one actor, but I wanted to make sure I saw every room so I just spent  my time evenly on the lower and upper floors.

I won’t say much more incase you are planning on going yourself and if you have the chance, I think you should!

Still curious? Read some excellent coverage here. Also, How to Find all the Nudity in Sleep No More.

Was your Friday the 13th as lucky as mine?

[Creative Mornings photo by Emily Gilbert, Sleep No More photos by New York Times]

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