Taxali’s Royal Canadian Mint Coins

January 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

Have you seen Gary Taxali‘s new project? The Toronto-based artist was recently commissioned to create five new coins for the Royal Canadian Mint!

There’s surely going to be even more jokes about Canada’s money looking like play money, but that’s okay. How many countries out there have currency as current and good-looking as this? I can’t wait to visit my home country again so I can get my hands on some of these.

And for those of you who appreciate trivia, here’s a bit from Gary himself:

“Taxali is not my original last name.  It was changed 300 years ago to Taxali by a Maharaja in India.  My ancestor invented a coin that was difficult to counterfeit and was subsequently knighted Taxali by the Maharaja.  It means, “Maker or Steward of The Mint”.  How serendipitous!!  Here I am, 300 years later, honouring my ancestor’s achievements and mine and my sister’s family name.”

It was clearly meant to be!

Read more about his coins here.

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