World’s Largest Rainbow Parade

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What are you doing this Saturday? If you live in NYC, you should be taking part in Record Setter‘s attempt at the World’s Largest Rainbow Parade!

This event is free and open to people of all ages and will kick off in DUMBO’s Brooklyn Bridge Park at noon. Dress in your favourite colour of the rainbow and be prepared to march across the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan behind a marching band, while dancing and waving flags.

You might remember my enthusiastic post about the Creative Mornings Rainbow Parade I participated in in November – well this one should be even better! I hope to see you there – I’ll be green :)

More info: Facebook event | Eventbrite Event | Rainbow Parade creator Jessi Arrington | Kickstarter

Wander Postcard Project

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I love these posters/postcards designed for The Wander Postcard Project! They’re all so different, but convey the great message that traveling is good for the soul. I especially agree with this message in what Nick and I have named “The Year of Yes”, in which we are trying to travel as much as possible.

Visit their website to see even more posters and download the images as wallpaper for your phone, iPad, and more.

{Via Living For The City}

I feel like Kermit!

April 21, 2012 § 1 Comment

After only buying $100 department store mountain bikes all my life, I finally got one that I really love today! It makes me feel like this:

Here’s to a great summer without sore knees!

A quick trip to London

April 17, 2012 § 4 Comments


Nick and I spent a lovely long weekend in London, England! Flying out on Thursday morning, we arrived in the evening and quickly adjusted to the time difference. Flying makes the day feel 5 hours longer anyway! I was happy to eat some room service for dinner and drink the most delicious bottle of Heineken I’ve ever had then go to sleep. Those Europeans sure know how to make beer.


Nick had meetings on Friday morning and early afternoon, so after ordering some breakfast and doing a bit of work in the hotel room, I happily wandered the streets alone for a few hours. I felt very proud in remembering the area from last summer and never had the feeling that I was going to get lost. You see, my sense of direction when I was younger was horrific.




I wandered the streets of Picadilly Circus, taking photos and window shopping. The only thing I ended up buying, besides a stockpile of Cadbury chocolate of course, was the British version of 1Q84. Look at those cool black pages!


Was also tempted to buy this neat British pressing of the first Harry Potter book, but took a picture instead.


After that, I wandered some more until my feet hurt and I began to feel hungry. I had a very British lunch with some Earl Grey tea at Caffe Concerto. I ended up sitting beside two very chatty Polish women and laughed to myself that I could have just done this at home in Greenpoint, the biggest Polish neighbourhood in New York.


Friday night was the reason we were there – Frank Turner‘s headline date at Wembley Arena! Nick and I headed over there around 4pm to see everyone and make sure things were going smoothly. Everyone was in a great mood, a little anxious, but very excited. The show was being photographed and filmed for a documentary, so we got to see lots of photo ops, like this one. Can you spot Billy Bragg?


It was really cool to walk around the deserted floors of Wembley Arena, but after a couple hours, I was happy to have convinced Nick to leave for an hour to eat some Indian food for dinner. Yum!


The show was great. The fans were ecstatic to be there and responded to Frank’s every word.


The finale was the best part. Between the end of the set and the start of the encore, Frank ran off stage and got “Wembley Arena” and the date tattooed on his arm, the whole thing filmed and broadcast on the big screens to the crowd. Naturally, they went nuts and confetti cannons showered the entire arena.


Backstage later, the band was presented with framed gig posters and little glass trophies with their logo on it commemorating the show. We toasted with Veuve Clicquot and everyone’s great moods continued. It was so great to be there for such a moment!

The next day, Nick and I ventured up to do the only touristy thing I wanted to do on the trip:


See Abbey Road!



There were many other people there, doing the same thing as us and annoying traffic in order to get a photo, pretending to walk across the street where the cover of The Beatles’ Abbey Road was taken. Myself included!


I can now say I’ve been to one of the best music history landmarks ever! I wish my Dad could have been there too, but for now, these photos will suffice :)


A great trip, all in all. Short and sweet, just how I like it!

Edit: Thanks to Angela for sharing this link – Abbey Road Webcam –  watch Beatles fans prance across the crosswalk and take photos and see exactly what was happening around me as Nick took the photo of me crossing. Hilarious!

A Cardboard Arcade

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An incredibly imaginative and resourceful 9 year-old boy named Caine constructed his own arcade made out of cardboard in his Dad’s used auto parts shop. Originally hoping for just one customer, he’s about to have the best day of his life…

This video made me tear up with happiness. It reminds me of something my brother would have done as a kid or something my nephew could do in a couple years. What a nice little way to restore faith in humanity on this Wednesday evening.

Visit Caine’s website and make a donation to his scholarship fund here.

[via Swissmiss]

To Smoke Or Not To Smoke?

April 6, 2012 § 5 Comments

I am happy to say that I’ve never smoked a cigarette in my life.

Not first hand, anyways. Throughout high school, I had friends who smoked, and I spent time with them in their cloudy cars because my tolerance for cigarette smoke was pretty high at the time. I began going to club shows at the age of 15 or 16 and in 1997, it was still perfectly acceptable to smoke in bars. I’d come home enveloped in other people’s cigarettes. I’d have to leave my jacket hanging outside of the closet to air out and wouldn’t even think about wearing those jeans again without washing them. By the time the concert was over, my contact lenses would be glued to my eyeballs, the smoke sucking all moisture from my eyes.

Since then, laws have been changed. It’s no longer legal to smoke indoors in most cities in North America. Most restaurants don’t even allow smoking on patios where there’s an awning. I have still never smoked a cigarette (why would I start if I didn’t succumb in high school or college?) and my tolerance for smoke has gone way down. I have a hard time even walking behind people on the street who are smoking. Recently, someone has moved onto my building’s floor who appears to be a chain smoker on the weekends and I absolutely HATE IT. It actually enrages me because this toxic and stinky substance drifts into my space where I live and work, and there’s nothing I can do about it. And what happens when we have a kid? I have to worry about this person’s lifestyle choice affecting my baby’s new lungs? I don’t mean to gang up on smokers, but it just doesn’t seem fair in a big city like New York, where we all live on top of each other, to have to worry about this.

This is my personal take on smoking, brought on by an article I recently read, written by the husband of a smoker, asking people to give these poor addicted folk a break. When I read it, I felt no pity. I’m curious if you would.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this controversial topic. Are you a smoker or a nonsmoker? Have you ever smoked? Why did you or didn’t you choose to quit smoking? What is it about cigarettes that draws you to them? Are you really just trying to look cool or beautiful like Betty Draper?

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