Know Canada

June 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

It looks like Canada’s birthday present is a makeover! Bruce Mau Design was recently approached to participate in a “Redesigns” series and they’ve decided to tackle the entire country of Canada for an image facelift.

“Canada has an image problem in the US. When Americans think of Canada, stale and often cliché ideas and imagery come to mind. Images like maple syrup, hockey, snow and lots of it. These images don’t pay homage to the intellectual, creative and social contributions that Canada makes as a country on a global scale. These clichés do not accurately depict the 21st Century Canada.

In our redesign, we begin with an assertion that Americans simply don’t understand Canada. Our view is that Canada doesn’t need a redesign; rather, Americans need to be educated.”

I personally have a lot of fun with these silly Canadian stereotypes – I’ve been asked everything from “do you have Halloween in Canada?” to “who is the president of Canada?” – but I’m very interested in this campaign and hope that soon I’ll see a well-designed billboard in Times Square promoting my home country.

Check out Know Canada and view the full Design Presentation/Mission Statement.

Jess & Russ

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Jessica Hische and Russ Maschmeyer are rockstars in the creative design and online world. Everything they do is arguably ground-breaking, new, exciting, and beautiful and now they’re about to begin their greatest collaboration: marriage.

Of course they couldn’t settle for the typical mailed-out wedding invitations, they had to do something new and unique,  something that puts our visual love story to shame. These two built a website putting their lives from 1996 on into a timeline complete with original illustrations, links to funny photos and videos, and intimate stories. The whole thing makes me so excited with jealousy and admiration, I could scream! Take a look:

See the entire timeline and invitation here. It’s long, but it’s worth it!

Congratulations, Jessica and Russ!

Governor’s Ball

June 25, 2012 § 1 Comment

This weekend’s weather was perfect! I was lucky enough to spend Saturday at the beach in Long Island and Sunday at the Governor’s Ball music festival.


The festival was held on Randall’s Island, a skinny piece of land between Queens and Manhattan, very full of grass and trees and everything nice. I felt almost like I could have been at a Toronto Island summer concert.


I arrived at 2:00, just in time to see Phantogram. I came alone, but found some old TAG coworkers pretty quickly.


I also found my former Deja Vu Discs coworker/old friend Travis and his girlfriend Lisa there! I was just in time to join them for a game of beer pong.

Beer pong

What’s better than sitting on a grassy hill, drinking beer with Canadians?

Laura, Lisa, and Travis

Some other favourites from the day included Built To Spill

Built To Spill

…and of course Modest Mouse!

Modest Mouse

Summer has officially started! Here’s looking forward to the next ten weekends.

Travis and I

Where the Hell is Matt?

June 21, 2012 § 1 Comment

What’s better than traveling the world and documenting your trips with photos? Traveling the world and filming yourself dancing with the locals, of course! Seattle’s Matt Harding became an internet celebrity in 2005 when his first video went viral. Since then, he’s made three more videos while visiting more countries than the average person will ever see and dancing with thousands of strangers.

If this doesn’t give you wanderlust, nothing will!

Practicing Yoga in NYC

June 20, 2012 § 8 Comments

Those who know me well know I love yoga. I started about five years ago with free classes at my gym in Toronto and have progressively gotten more serious about my practice since then. Finding a yoga studio that’s right for you is on par with finding the right hairdresser – they’ve got to make you feel comfortable and give you what you want to make you come back. Luckily, I found Sangha Yoga Shala in Williamsburg after trying just two other studios in the city. The owner and one of the studio’s most prominent instructors, Alana Kessler, is just amazing. I’ve never been athletic in my life, but she makes me feel like I can do anything as long as I work at it. As a result, I can do things now that I actually laughed at in disbelief when she demonstrated them to me about 15 months ago.

Last weekend, I was happy to participate in the filming of the studio’s new testimonial video. Check out my moves and sweaty post-yoga face:

{Photo by Armando Zubieta}


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I am on a bit of a Wes Anderson kick (when am I not?) and finally gave The Darjeeling Limited a second chance this weekend. Of course, I loved the movie and especially its soundtrack. This Kinks song stood out to me in particular. A perfect tune to accompany Anderson’s directing opinion that everything is better in slow motion.


June 11, 2012 § 4 Comments

Vegetable Share, week 3

Earlier this Spring, Nick and I signed up for a Vegetable and Egg share from Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative and it’s the best decision we’ve made in a while. Every week, I pick up a big box of vegetables (and every other week, fresh eggs) from a drop off point a few blocks away from here. Each week, the contents are a surprise – all you know is that you’ll get the freshest seasonal veggies available. How great does that sound?

This farm share has really given my cooking a good kick in the bum! I was finding myself going to the grocery store and buying the same things over and over again, and therefore I was making the same meals over and over. It’s been really fun to get a new vegetable and look up recipes for it online, and it’s been amazing to create brand new dishes that are so healthy and delicious!

So far, my favourite new things to cook are kale, bok choy, and kohlrabi, and I love love love the fresh greens we get each week. Pre-washed spinach now tastes like rubbery paper to me! And fresh eggs – don’t even get me started. I signed us up for the delivery of one dozen every other week because I knew if we got a dozen each week, I would eat them all and have the cholesterol levels of an old man.

Have you ever done a veggie share? What were your favourite things to make? Do you have any seasonal vegetable recipes to share?

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