Mitch Hedberg

August 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

The first time I heard Mitch Hedberg‘s goofy observational stand up was driving in a car with my friend Amy Taylor. He was the first comedian I ever wanted to listen to full albums of; his style definitely spoke to me as a silly girl in her early twenties who liked to laugh. At one point, I was listening to him so much at work that I started to talk like him. Unfortunately, by the time I got into him he had already died so I never got to see him live. Lucky for me, he released three comedy records and every once in a while, something like this video pops up.

Lynn Shawcroft was married to Mitch for the last six years of his life and seems pretty funny herself. In this mini-documentary, she remembers some of his quirks, shows us some of his many notebooks, and tells us his secret to writing: write down anything funny and don’t be lazy! Makes sense.

See also: The Mitch Hedberg Joke Collection!

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