My Favourite TV Shows Of 2012

December 21, 2012 § 1 Comment


TV was good in 2012! It seemed that once a show ended for the season, another one would start. Nick and I love having our nights, especially Sundays, to hang out on the couch and watch our favourite shows. Here are mine from the past year:


Season 5 was the best yet! I just finished re-watching it and caught even more subtleties and underlying themes the second time. Seriously powerful and amazingly written television.


Another AMC show that finally hit its stride. Season 3 of The Walking Dead was the best one yet. The character development has hit a peak and now the serious action and story can begin. The mid-season finale had me so worked up, I couldn’t go to bed afterwards!


Ahhh, 30 Rock. My humour-twin. Sadly, this is the show’s final season, but I find comfort knowing it will end before it jumps the shark.


A great first season of this new HBO show. Sure, it’s a little corny and not completely realistic, but the way they tell stories based around news events from the recent past is very smart. Plus you gotta love its optimism. Looking forward to season 2.


Louis CK’s show definitely found a different way to entertain in its third season. He has ditched the pure offensive, shocking, and silly humour for something more. Many of the shows are comments on life and humanity. The season finale actually made me tear up. A pretty huge departure from the first two seasons.


Another great new HBO show! Nick and I loved to watch this, almost through our fingers, laughing along and being extremely grateful that we are in our thirties and married and no longer have to deal with some of the insane, but realistic, shit that young people in cities go through growing up.


The silliest guilty pleasure of the year. For a year, BBT would pop up on our TV, syndicated on TBS, Fox, and every other network with sitcoms. We’d always change the channel, until we just didn’t. We gave in and now Nick and I love this show, often watching it to wind down before bed on weeknights. If you were a fan of Roseanne, That 70’s Show, or Scrubs, you have to give it a chance.

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