A Visit + A Baby Shower

June 24, 2013 § 1 Comment


Last week, I flew up to the Toronto area to spend 6 days with my family. This was my last long trip to Canada, while I’m still allowed on planes.

I spent two days with my sister and her family in Oshawa, and the second of those two was my first ever shower (besides, you know, the kind with water)! Jenn and my Mom threw me a baby shower where a few family members and some of my best friends came to play games, eat food, and visit with me. Since I don’t like being the center of attention, I wasn’t sure how it would be, but I loved it. It was so great to have some of my most favourite people all together in one room to celebrate my baby-to-be.


I was so happy to finally meet my friend Joe and Dori’s adorable son, Rowan…


…who was, strangely enough, dressed exactly the same as my nephew Ben.


Thanks to everyone who came out, especially the boys who hung around and waited for the BBQ to start!


Of course, Julia couldn’t leave without us taking belly photos. I can’t believe she only has two months to go!


I spent Monday to Friday at my parents’ cottage in Fenelon Falls. It was mostly pretty chilly, but we had a few nice sunny days (perfect for building chipmunk houses with Grandpa).


My Grandparents came to visit and stayed for a campfire and sleepover. My Grandpa got wild and spit sambuca into the fire. My Dad called him Gene Simmons.

My family really is the best. Thanks for a great visit, everyone!

Rocco V.

June 20, 2013 § 1 Comment


My good friends Kate and Bryan had an adorable baby boy named Rocco a few weeks ago. I was fortunate to be invited over to their place in Astoria when he was just four days old to take some photos. Here are a few of my favourites.






_DSC7212 _DSC7214



_DSC7289 _DSC7324

I can’t wait for Rocco and Henry to be able to play!

(See also: Kate & Bryan Get Married at NYC City Hall)

Halfway there!

June 13, 2013 § 4 Comments


I wouldn’t normally post a pregnancy update two weeks in a row, but this past week has been a big one. Literally! Where did that belly come from? I think I’m pretty unmistakably pregnant now, after no one noticed for months.

A few crazy things:

  • I can now feel Henry move constantly. No more being confused if it’s indigestion or not, I know what he feels like.
  • Nick felt his first kick on Sunday night.
  • Wearing a bra these days SUCKS. I had to buy bra extenders. What!
  • I have to get up from sitting positions more carefully now after realizing that springing up quickly like I always did before was hurting my knee.
  • Yesterday marked the halfway point in our pregnancy. Only 4 more months!

I hope you guys don’t mind the turn this blog has taken lately. It’s just that this is pretty all-encompassing stuff and pretty hard to think about anything else. This is my life right now, but I promise I will always try to keep it interesting!

Bump Dressing

June 11, 2013 § Leave a comment

Remember that dress I mentioned last week? The one I wore to a dentist appointment and actually got me a seat on a packed L train? Well look who has similar taste in baby bump gear.


Just a princess, that’s all! Now I want one in blue too.

This may call for another maternity clothes order from ASOS!

19 Weeks + Welcome Rocco!

June 5, 2013 § 1 Comment


I’m 19 weeks pregnant today. That’s almost 5 months, you guys!

Things of note:

  • It’s really interesting to see my belly button getting shallower.
  • Sleeping on my side is becoming easier, thanks to my amazing pillow.
  • I think I can feel Henry move sometimes, but apparently it’s going to become a lot more obvious in the next few weeks.
  • My food cravings have leveled out, except ice cream always seems like a good idea. (But when did it not?)
  • I have much more energy than I did in the first trimester.
  • Last week while wearing thisĀ dress, I got my first offer for a seat on the subway.

Finally, a big happy welcome to Rocco Alexander Vastano, my good friend Kate and Bryan’s new son who was born late last night! Kate was such a good host, he didn’t want to come out of there.


Pregnancy Schadenfreude

June 3, 2013 § 2 Comments


Pregnancy is a time of new discoveries. Your body is changing, your mind is changing, your priorities are changing, and you’re readying yourself for a new life you created just between you and your partner (the ultimate science experiment!). It’s all pretty amazing and I wouldn’t trade any of what I’ve experienced so far for anything.

But there’s a phenomenon that both Nick and I have noticed in the 4 1/2 months we’ve been pregnant: some people have funny reactions to our news. While most people are thrilled for us to enter into this new phase in our lives, many others have responded with remarks like “you know, you are never going to sleep in again” or “having a baby is the hardest thing you can put your relationship through”. My personal favourite (and by favourite, I mean the most incredulous) is “well I just can’t WAIT to see how you guys are going to handle THIS”. Did I mention this was said by someone who doesn’t even have kids?

Of course it’s going to be hard. Of course it’s going to be one of the biggest challenges of our lives. But we are up for the challenge, as we have been for all the challenges our atypical relationship has brought us. And as for the lack of sleep remarks, well I’m pretty sure everyone who’s ever heard anything about reproduction is probably already aware of that so no need to remind us. We want Henry more than we want to sleep in on weekends.

While these comments weren’t made with bad intentions, I’m sure they were actually meant to be helpful or informative, they always make me think – there might be a lot more indulgers of Schadenfreude out there than I had previously thought!

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