Halfway there!

June 13, 2013 § 4 Comments


I wouldn’t normally post a pregnancy update two weeks in a row, but this past week has been a big one. Literally! Where did that belly come from? I think I’m pretty unmistakably pregnant now, after no one noticed for months.

A few crazy things:

  • I can now feel Henry move constantly. No more being confused if it’s indigestion or not, I know what he feels like.
  • Nick felt his first kick on Sunday night.
  • Wearing a bra these days SUCKS. I had to buy bra extenders. What!
  • I have to get up from sitting positions more carefully now after realizing that springing up quickly like I always did before was hurting my knee.
  • Yesterday marked the halfway point in our pregnancy. Only 4 more months!

I hope you guys don’t mind the turn this blog has taken lately. It’s just that this is pretty all-encompassing stuff and pretty hard to think about anything else. This is my life right now, but I promise I will always try to keep it interesting!

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