Seven Months

August 12, 2013 § Leave a comment


We have officially entered the third trimester! Wednesday marked 28 weeks AKA 7 months of pregnancy. Here comes the final stretch!

What’s happening:

  • I am a very fast walker, but my body is forcing me to slow down! If I walk too fast, I get round ligament pain, especially on my right side. I am not enjoying this. Bike riding seems to be a better option for getting around quickly these days.
  • Henry is so active – especially at night, when I’m in a reclining position, and if I’m listening to music that has a beat. I think he’s been dancing along to music like Nine Inch Nails and the Chemical Brothers. I’ve got a little raver goth in there.
  • I can actually feel Henry’s little bum, feet, and hands through my stomach – I can even see my stomach move under my shirt sometimes!
  • Nick is in serious nesting mode and he didn’t even know what nesting was until I told him this morning.
  • We are making some great progress in turning our office into Henry’s room. On Friday night, I figured out we could fit one of our bookshelves inside a hall closet, and yesterday Nick packed up the remainder of his CDs, got rid of the CD shelf, and assembled our rocking chair.
  • We finally chose a crib and I am in love with it. (Also incredibly relieved to not have to look at cribs anymore.)


Side note: this guy is going to make such an amazing dad.

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