40 Weeks

October 30, 2013 § 2 Comments


Happy due date to Henry!

What a funny thing a due date is. It’s just a complete estimate based on either your last period or by measuring the fetus in your first ultrasound, but so much pressure is put on it. I’ve been getting emails, texts, and Facebook messages all day as if it’s MY birthday – some of them sounding so matter-of-fact that today is the day because that’s what an ultrasound I had 33 weeks ago predicted. It’s so nice of you all to think of me, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s just a fence post I have to pass by a certain number of days before Henry is forced out ;)

Meanwhile, I finally feel extremely pregnant. I am dealing with sciatica or pelvic girdle pain or whatever you prefer to call having 8+ lbs of another human (plus the weight of my placenta, extra blood, and amniotic fluid) constantly resting on my hips and pelvis. Unfortunately, I am done with any type of yoga for now and even walking has become challenging. My right hip, leg, and lower back just scream at me when I walk for more than a few minutes at a time. My last day of riding a bike was Thursday.

It’s taken a week, but I have accepted that I have to slow down and being apartment-bound is just something I need to get used to for now. This whole thing kind of reminds me of October 2009, when I was turned away at the U.S. border, house-bound at my parents’ old place in Whitby, and got the H1N1 virus. The big difference is that I actually have energy, my body just won’t let me use it like I usually would. What’s getting me through this is picturing each day as if I went into labour that night – wouldn’t I be grateful that I took it easy that day so that I had the energy to push a baby out later? Yes, yes I would.

Things are slowly progressing though. I hope I don’t have to do a 41 week update for you next Wednesday – stay tuned!

Oh, and to save you the trouble of asking me.

This Week In Links

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Happy Friday! Do you guys have any awesome Fall weekend plans? My brother and his wife are in town so Nick and I will be meeting up with them. We’ll also be waiting for Henry to decide to arrive! It would be great if my brother’s trip coincided with him coming, but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens…

Here’s what I’ve been enjoying this week online (besides last-minute labour and newborn care articles):

This dog will only ride in a car if you’re holding his paw.

19 Idiotic, but completely real, travel complaints.

I guess I have these to look forward to :\

Amazing kids’ Halloween costumes that they’re too young to understand.

New York + London: A Collection of Double Exposures

This guy’s Halloween costume efforts put us all to shame.

Laughing at people freaking out at a haunted house is the best.

[Illustration by João Lauro Fonte]

39 Weeks

October 24, 2013 § 2 Comments


I am officially one week away from my estimated due date. Although my doctor will let me get to 41 weeks before being induced into labour, it’s so exciting to know that in no more than two weeks, I will have Henry in my arms! He is wiggling in my belly as I type – I think he’s eager to be photographed and shown off on the internet.

What’s happening? Well…

  • Sleeping has gotten easier. Still lots of nighttime bathroom trips, but I’m used to it.
  • After receiving a panicked voicemail from one of my doctors last Thursday about having to induce me soon, I showed up at the office and told them we were going to figure out my real due date immediately. Thanks to a bunch of clerical errors and confusion between the hospital and doctor’s office, I had 4 different ones. We are finally settled on October 30, which is what I was going by anyways!
  • I’ve started taking Evening Primrose Oil to soften my cervix.
  • I decided not to get the membrane sweep at my doctor today – I will wait until 40 or 41 weeks.
  • Henry’s cervix head butts are getting pretty intense and are even happening in the daytime now.
  • For the first time ever, while trying on bras last week, I had to keep asking if what I had was the biggest size. I miss small boobies!
  • My hips are a mess. My right hip/S.I. joint is absolutely killing me. I have good moments and worse moments, but I was at my limpy-est so far today. I can only try look at this in a positive light: things are loosening and getting ready for labour.
  • Everyone is nice to me now and I always get offered a seat on the subway or bus. Finally!
  • Kate taught Nick and I how to install a car seat in a cab without a base last weekend. Thanks, Kate!
  • I get a bonus ultrasound on Tuesday because I’m still measuring a few centimeters small.
  • My sister has been texting me very personal questions to see if there’s any signs of me going into labour yet. I won’t repeat them here or you will blush.

That’s about it. I’m pretty much over pregnancy and ready to get Henry’s weight off of my hips and into my arms!

The Grand Budapest Hotel

October 17, 2013 § Leave a comment

the-grand-budapest-hotelAfter the sad news yesterday that Kumar Pallana had passed away at the age of 94, we get some good Wes Anderson-related news today. The gorgeous movie poster for Anderson’s next film is here and so is the trailer! Watch it NOW! My eyes are already salivating for its 2014 release.

And if you have a moment, read about Kumar Pallana’s amazing life. I only knew that he worked at a coffee shop in Texas and that’s where he was befriended and cast in movies by Wes Anderson and Owen Wilson, but there’s so much more!


38 Weeks

October 16, 2013 § Leave a comment

38weeksI’m 38 weeks pregnant and I look like the letter “B”!

Just two more weeks to go until my due date. Will he come early or will he come late? I thought I’d have a better idea by now, but I still just don’t know! In any case, I finished working (mostly) on Friday so this week I have really been focusing on getting things done, such as hanging pictures around the apartment that were moved out of Henry’s room/the office, packing my hospital bag, buying treats for the nurses so I’ll be their favourite (and they’ll listen to my birth preferences), and I just got home from a haircut.

Last night I had a prenatal group/doctor’s appointment and my doctor offered to give me a membrane sweep at my appointment next week. I’m still thinking about it. Any mommas out there have any advice to give? I feel like it’s still a bit early for that.

Sleeping is getting much harder. I have to pee many times throughout the night and every time I get up, Nick wakes up on high alert. The other night, he thought I was going into labour every time I got up. Like I’d keep it a secret! My hips are also getting pretty sore, especially my right S.I. joint. They are getting tired of carrying this guy around!

Nevertheless, things are getting very exciting now. Nick and I just can’t wait to meet this little guy and I can’t wait for my parents to come down right after he’s born to see him and help out. Yay, life!

This Week In Links

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Happy Friday – but more importantly – happy birthday to my husband Nick who astounds me with his amazingness everyday. To celebrate, we’re going to see Machete Kills at Nitehawk Cinemas tonight. Can’t wait!

Here’s what’s been happening online this week:

Have you seen any of Banksy’s art show taking place on the streets of NYC? (There was one in Greenpoint, but it was removed already – probably to be sold on eBay!)

America slowly adds colour to its money.

A vampire cemetery has been found in Poland.

As I get ready to enter mom-dom, I really appreciate this rant by an amazing husband.

Dolphins prefer Radiohead.

Watch a 3 1/2 minute trailer for the Wes Anderson Collection book.

Get your sh*t together, America.

“New York is the only place in the world where people might say they like your work but they don’t ask you for anything.”

If you’re a Canadian musician, here’s how to take the train across the country for free.

The Wes Anderson Collection

October 9, 2013 § 3 Comments

Although I was invited to watch a black metal band with my husband last night in Manhattan, I opted for something much more suited to my interests, and right down the street. I went to a book launch and discussion with Matt Zoller Seitz, who just released a huge and beautiful hardcover book on Wes Anderson‘s movies at my favourite neighbourhood bookstore.


It was simply an hour of listening to his in-depth observations on Wes’ super detailed movies and then a Q&A after where he knew the answer to every question. He said he could have spoken about the music chosen for the movies for an hour alone (and I wish he would have!).


Matt was one of the first journalists/critics to embrace Wes Anderson’s movies, back when Bottle Rocket was struggling to find a distributor and couldn’t get into any film festivals. Since then, they’ve run into each other throughout their lives many times, including one morning in Brooklyn while on his way to work, Matt realized The Royal Tenenbaums was being filmed on his street.

Although the book was Matt’s project, Wes worked on it with him, providing him with a ton of behind the scenes photos, storyboards, sketches, and lengthy interviews about each movie. Here’s a peek inside…







This was the perfect birthday gift to me, from me :) Highly suggested for any Wes Anderson nuts out there!

36 Weeks

October 3, 2013 § 6 Comments


It’s October!!! It’s now officially my due date month. I’m 36 weeks – or 9 months – pregnant and have just a few weeks to go. Since I’ve had four different due dates (October 18, October 23, October 30, and November 3), who knows when it will happen. We’ve been going by the October 30 due date for months now, but lately my doctor thinks I’m two weeks ahead of that and the last ultrasound I had said October 23. It’s all a guess anyways and luckily, I have had her tell me that, if need be, I won’t be induced until a week after my October 30 due date. I’m still feeling really good though, so I really do not mind carrying this guy around on the inside for another 3 or 4 weeks.

Some things of note:

  • Henry’s been head down for a few weeks now
  • He likes to head butt my cervix, especially if I’m trying to make lunch or on a conference call
  • I got really into eating blueberry buckwheat pancakes for every meal for a while, especially when I couldn’t think of anything else I wanted to eat. Good thing buckwheat has protein and fibre!
  • I’m starting to get stares as I walk down the street. I even had a car full of guys pregnant-cat-call me about an hour ago. Yet it’s still a special occasion when someone offers me a seat on the subway.
  • Weirdest thing: sometimes I hear a tiny click or the sound of a tiny bubble popping when he moves around. Googling resulted in message boards of ladies saying they had the same thing. What does it mean???
  • I now get up to pee on average about three times a night.
  • My body temperature is rising and I’m ready for Fall weather. It’s been like summer here and the only reason I’m wearing a sweater in the photo above is because I thought maybe you guys are tired of seeing me in tank tops.
  • Nick and I are feeling really ready for labour. We took a Childbirth Education class last weekend and we’re taking a baby CPR and safety class on Saturday.
  • Still doing yoga 3 or 4 times a week!
  • Oh yeah, my birthday is next week, but I’ve never cared less about it.

Cross your fingers that there’s at least one more of these pregnancy updates coming your way!

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