38 Weeks

October 16, 2013 § Leave a comment

38weeksI’m 38 weeks pregnant and I look like the letter “B”!

Just two more weeks to go until my due date. Will he come early or will he come late? I thought I’d have a better idea by now, but I still just don’t know! In any case, I finished working (mostly) on Friday so this week I have really been focusing on getting things done, such as hanging pictures around the apartment that were moved out of Henry’s room/the office, packing my hospital bag, buying treats for the nurses so I’ll be their favourite (and they’ll listen to my birth preferences), and I just got home from a haircut.

Last night I had a prenatal group/doctor’s appointment and my doctor offered to give me a membrane sweep at my appointment next week. I’m still thinking about it. Any mommas out there have any advice to give? I feel like it’s still a bit early for that.

Sleeping is getting much harder. I have to pee many times throughout the night and every time I get up, Nick wakes up on high alert. The other night, he thought I was going into labour every time I got up. Like I’d keep it a secret! My hips are also getting pretty sore, especially my right S.I. joint. They are getting tired of carrying this guy around!

Nevertheless, things are getting very exciting now. Nick and I just can’t wait to meet this little guy and I can’t wait for my parents to come down right after he’s born to see him and help out. Yay, life!

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