39 Weeks

October 24, 2013 § 2 Comments


I am officially one week away from my estimated due date. Although my doctor will let me get to 41 weeks before being induced into labour, it’s so exciting to know that in no more than two weeks, I will have Henry in my arms! He is wiggling in my belly as I type – I think he’s eager to be photographed and shown off on the internet.

What’s happening? Well…

  • Sleeping has gotten easier. Still lots of nighttime bathroom trips, but I’m used to it.
  • After receiving a panicked voicemail from one of my doctors last Thursday about having to induce me soon, I showed up at the office and told them we were going to figure out my real due date immediately. Thanks to a bunch of clerical errors and confusion between the hospital and doctor’s office, I had 4 different ones. We are finally settled on October 30, which is what I was going by anyways!
  • I’ve started taking Evening Primrose Oil to soften my cervix.
  • I decided not to get the membrane sweep at my doctor today – I will wait until 40 or 41 weeks.
  • Henry’s cervix head butts are getting pretty intense and are even happening in the daytime now.
  • For the first time ever, while trying on bras last week, I had to keep asking if what I had was the biggest size. I miss small boobies!
  • My hips are a mess. My right hip/S.I. joint is absolutely killing me. I have good moments and worse moments, but I was at my limpy-est so far today. I can only try look at this in a positive light: things are loosening and getting ready for labour.
  • Everyone is nice to me now and I always get offered a seat on the subway or bus. Finally!
  • Kate taught Nick and I how to install a car seat in a cab without a base last weekend. Thanks, Kate!
  • I get a bonus ultrasound on Tuesday because I’m still measuring a few centimeters small.
  • My sister has been texting me very personal questions to see if there’s any signs of me going into labour yet. I won’t repeat them here or you will blush.

That’s about it. I’m pretty much over pregnancy and ready to get Henry’s weight off of my hips and into my arms!

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