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In my 12 weeks of being a mom, I’ve only ever experienced this much patience-testing when I was waiting for my visa to come to the States.

Henry is such a sweet and wonderful baby, but every once in a while, there’s a new way in which he tests our sanity. Never mind the fact that I haven’t had a full night’s sleep since October, but the last few nights he’s refused to take his bottle from Nick. This impacts my one chance a night for more than a couple hours of sleep in a row as well as the few opportunities for time away I get which basically just include a yoga class.

However, instead of worrying that I will now be tethered to my baby until he can eat solid foods, I’m trying to practice being grateful for what I have. Sure, my two grey hairs have multiplied an astounding amount in the last three months, but yesterday I read a touching blog post about a girl I know in Toronto who had her heart broken by a miscarriage. People experience this, and worse things, all the time. Right now, I am enjoying a cup of coffee while the two boys I love most doze peacefully in our bed. How lucky am I to have that?

Despite the tough moments, I will stay positive.

Henry at 2 Months

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photo 2

Henry is 9 weeks old today! It seems like we’ve had him around for so much longer, but at the same time, Nick and I are still slowly getting the hang on this whole parenting thing.


So much has happened in the last month. He full on smiles now, plus he has his roster of coos and various noises he makes when he thinks he’s talking. It seems like he’s getting better at some call and response-type behavior. He loves to look you in the eye when you are with him.


Sure, this smile is cute in photos, but when it’s aimed right at you, it’s heart-melting. His hands aren’t tight little balls anymore and he’s working on getting those hands in his mouth. He seems to be better at using his left hand so far – he might be a leftie!

photo 1

He’s been doing better at sleeping. Nick still stays up later than me to give him his first feeding of the night with a bottle, but he usually gets up 3 times a night. 2 if I’m lucky. Still figuring out naps. His little lamb chair is both a blessing and a curse – we’re trying to move him out of that and into his crib if he passes out in it during the day, even though he’ll sleep in the chair much longer.


We’ve been working on a nighttime routine since we’ve been back from our Christmas trip. It includes a bath, a story, and a feeding. He keeps trying to throw us off by falling asleep earlier or pooing and peeing all over himself at the same time in the morning so he gets a bath then, but we will persevere!


If all else fails, the morning bed sharing sleep-in is a guaranteed way to get an extra couple hours. Plus, it’s freaking adorable.


Oh, Henry also discovered the joys of ceiling fans at his grandparents’ and aunt’s house in Canada. We may have to install one.

2013: Year in Review

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Happy New Year!

2013 was an incredible year for Nick and I for one very obvious reason: we had a son at the end of it. I got to experience pregnancy, and all the changes, compromises, preparedness, and the well-meaning funny/strange/weird advice that comes along with it. While this definitely dominated the year, there were still some great events that happened and memories made. Let’s review, if you’re interested.




Nick and I began 2013 in Paris!

30 Rock (this blog’s namesake) had its final episode :(

I dealt with a painful and annoying arm injury from yoga, but after many chiropractor appointments and changes made to some poses in my practice, I got it under control.



Julia and Jay came to visit from Toronto. Julia was nearly 3 months pregnant and knew we had been trying as well, but she didn’t realize that she’d be here the morning I had my positive pregnancy test! (Which was actually Family Day, for you Canadians. What a coincidence!)

My family celebrated my nephew Everett’s first Angel Day.

I got really into animating my friends.

I finally got to see Desaparecidos play. (They were great.)




I went for a very frigid visit up North to visit my family and friends – and waited a few days later until Nick joined me to tell them I was pregnant. It was hard to not tell my parents as soon as they picked me up from the airport, but I kind of just convinced myself I wasn’t pregnant and just lived the lie for two days to make things a bigger surprise when everyone was all together!

Saw a hilarious comedy show by Jim Jefferies.



13 weeks

The tragic Boston Marathon bombing happened.

Saw another great comedy show – Jim Norton at Caroline’s in Times Square.

Nick and I attended a very interesting and informative Choices In Childbirth meeting. It definitely inspired us to learn all we could about the birthing process so we could make the right decisions for us.

I tried acupuncture for the first time after my arm started flaring up again. It was actually very relaxing!

I went with Nick to Lancaster, PA’s Launch Music Festival and had a great time. (It’s also always pretty sexy to see your husband speaking as an expert on a panel ;)

Once we finally got past the first trimester, we announced our pregnancy to the world!




My wonderful parents came to visit us in Brooklyn.

Canada’s music industry lost an agent and the world lost an amazing guy – Paul Gourlie passed away.

The Banana Stand came to New York!

I saw an exceptionally great – and very exclusive – Creative Mornings talk by Seth Godin.

Super fun Toronto friends Jana, Mike, Amy, and Bettie came to town. Bettie was part of a very impressive furniture show in Chelsea!

Nick and I found out we were having a boy!

I got rid of my trademark platinum blonde hair.




My good friend Kate’s adorable son was born!

I hit the halfway mark of my pregnancy and started to feel Henry move and kick.

My mom and sister threw me a baby shower during my Toronto visit.

Saw Postal Service perform at Barclay’s Center. What a fun show!

Finally made use of my building’s party room and threw Kate a baby shower.


photo 1



I visited Toronto again, this time with Nick, and it would be my last plane ride until Christmas. We attended the first ever TURF Festival.

6 months pregnant! Things were getting real. I started prenatal yoga and officially made the decision to give myself a Canadian maternity leave and take a year off once Henry was born.

Nick and I had our Babymoon in beautiful Newport, Rhode Island.

We also celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary with a steak dinner.




The third trimester began! We started to clear out a lot of records, books, and random stuff we didn’t really need to make room for Henry in the office. Nick started nesting enough for the both of us. A crib and stroller were chosen!

My Grandpa turned 80.

Nick and I played hooky one Friday to thoroughly enjoy each other’s company before there were three of us. We visited the Museum of Natural History and Central Park.

I had a great Brooklyn baby shower, hosted by my yoga studio!

Julia gave birth to her son Blake just 2 hours after her due date!




8 months pregnant! Doing more prenatal yoga than Ashtanga, walking slowly, toured our hospital, and Nick started reading to my belly nightly.

Was thrilled to be featured on Well Rounded NY’s Bump Envy series.

Two of my favourite Canadian girls came to visit me.



My due date month! All I want to eat is blueberry pancakes and I don’t care about my birthday. Nick was even out of town for it, so I just went for an indulgent Italian lunch with Kate that day.

Nerded out big time at the Wes Anderson Collection book launch.

Had a short and sweet visit from Angela in Williamsburg.

Did yoga and rode my bike up until my 38th week of pregnancy. Had to stop when I got painful sciatica in my right hip.

I thought I could just stay pregnant forever, but by my due date, I was so ready to have this baby!





It was like November 1st didn’t even happen. I went into labour on Halloween and 35 hours later, Henry Nichols was born!

We spent two nights in the hospital and about 20 minutes after we got home, my parents arrived to meet their new grandson. My Mom was a superhero and stayed to help us for two whole weeks. Best gift ever.



Our first night out as a family happened December 14th at Annie’s Christmas party. Henry slept in the Baby Bjorn the whole time, despite the party being so loud we had to shout to talk to each other. What a trooper!

After applying for a passport for Henry when he was just two weeks old, it arrived in time for us to all go to Canada for Christmas.

…And that brings us up to date! I hope your year was as fantastic as mine and that 2014 is even better!

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