Henry at 2 Months

January 4, 2014 § Leave a comment

photo 2

Henry is 9 weeks old today! It seems like we’ve had him around for so much longer, but at the same time, Nick and I are still slowly getting the hang on this whole parenting thing.


So much has happened in the last month. He full on smiles now, plus he has his roster of coos and various noises he makes when he thinks he’s talking. It seems like he’s getting better at some call and response-type behavior. He loves to look you in the eye when you are with him.


Sure, this smile is cute in photos, but when it’s aimed right at you, it’s heart-melting. His hands aren’t tight little balls anymore and he’s working on getting those hands in his mouth. He seems to be better at using his left hand so far – he might be a leftie!

photo 1

He’s been doing better at sleeping. Nick still stays up later than me to give him his first feeding of the night with a bottle, but he usually gets up 3 times a night. 2 if I’m lucky. Still figuring out naps. His little lamb chair is both a blessing and a curse – we’re trying to move him out of that and into his crib if he passes out in it during the day, even though he’ll sleep in the chair much longer.


We’ve been working on a nighttime routine since we’ve been back from our Christmas trip. It includes a bath, a story, and a feeding. He keeps trying to throw us off by falling asleep earlier or pooing and peeing all over himself at the same time in the morning so he gets a bath then, but we will persevere!


If all else fails, the morning bed sharing sleep-in is a guaranteed way to get an extra couple hours. Plus, it’s freaking adorable.


Oh, Henry also discovered the joys of ceiling fans at his grandparents’ and aunt’s house in Canada. We may have to install one.


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